Magic versus how our tools really work

Magic versus how our tools really work

When asked about why our tools didn’t help with more successful day-trading, Gregory Hoag gave the following answer:

Our tools are not magic. It takes time for some changes to occur, but regardless of time they may not reflect the expectations of the personality. Our technology is focused on connecting human beings with higher consciousness and all the benefits that precipitate from that energy flow.

Your soul is more in charge of the direction of that flow of energy, because it is the source of the flow. Thus, the results in the physical dimension may be different than the ego personality has in mind.

Through spiritual evolution, fostered by our tools, a human being may start manifesting from the perspective of their beingness, which is always in service for the good of all. We sometimes forget that the good of all includes us as individuals as well. The ego is the shortsighted part of our being, which is always interested in personal gain in the immediate environment.

The ego is an aspect of our total being that is to be loved and respected, however it has been programmed to view happiness as a reflection of material acquisition and power/control over its environment.

Examine closely a happy individual and you will find someone who is connected internally to their higher truth and independent of the physical occurrences around them. However, the more their internal flow of consciousness is fostered the more the outside world reflects that higher truth, and success and perfection is witnessed everywhere.

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