Join Us for Our 2022 Launch of Universal Secrets Revealed 6 Module Course: Simple Actions to Activate Your Core of Love and Power


Welcome to the affiliate program for Universal Secrets Revealed with world-renowned Sacred Geometry experts Gregory and Gail Hoag!

Welcome to our affiliate program for the Universal Secrets Revealed 6 Module Course: Simple Actions to Activate Your Core of Love and Power launch with Gregory and Gail Hoag.

In this program, we’ll teach our collective audience how to discover and utilize universal geometry to evolve consciousness and navigate their lives.

The course ran September, 14th 2022 to October 19th, 2022.

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The course sells for $97. You’ll earn 50% commissions of $48.50 per sale. Plus, you’ll get 10% of all product sales purchases for 3 months from every person you refer who successfully signs up for the course.

In our last program, we averaged $400 per attendee in product sales.

Promotional period for launch: Anytime

The modules took place: Every Wednesday for six weeks from September 14th, 2022 to October 19th, 2022.

Special Note: The course is evergreen so you can promote to your lists anytime.

We hope you will consider joining as an affiliate because it’s going to be amazing, and we want you to be a part of it. We want to support you to become successful just as you are helping us to become successful.

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"Thank you for showing us evidence that if we look deeper and explore sacred geometry there is order, wisdom and intelligence in the universe. It personally gave me comfort in this somewhat chaotic appearing time. I loved hearing you both talk of metaphysical stuff as well."

— Sandy

"I received my beautiful pendant 2 days ago and since receiving it I have felt different. So much more aware, awake, in tune and feelings that are difficult to try and explain. I was not aware that I did not feel totally in tune before. However the pendant is amazing. I have connected to it and connect to it several times a day, have done some of the activations and the meditations that you have kindly offered. I have enjoyed these very much and received much calm and peace listening to you both."

— Trixie

"I wanted to share how much I am enjoying the sacred geometry I've ordered so far along with the meditations you have provided. When I work with the woven spiral star I actually feel lower emotional energy, stress & fatigue dissipate and shift to a higher frequency as it moves through my body. The perfect sacred symbols bring my awareness into perfection of Universal Law & Attraction working for my higher good. As the geometry is placed in my home, I have this sense of wellness and wellbeing all around and guests even comment on how good my home feels. By having the Woven Spiral, Merkaba of Oneness, Unity Grid, and Star Dodecahedron, my intuition is awakening, attracting and recognizing vibrational matches that are opening doors for me to express in new ways. My energy field feels stronger, healthier, and I am more focused to handle each moment with more clarity. I can honestly say that I feel a shift in my energy since working with the sacred geometry and meditations. Even my cat loves when I surround her energy field the Woven Spiral with the light ring.“

— Alicia

"I am really pleased with how my energy system has been strengthened from working with the Causal Generator that spins the Unity Grid and Metatrons Cube. Also, my Heart Companion Pendants effects are second to none! With a big open heart I thank you and Gregory for listening and answering your calls to do the energetic workings that you do for us and the world. Many more thanks and blessings to you both."

— Keith

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