Is Fear And Separation Our Animal Heritage

Is Fear And Separation Our Animal Heritage

Unity is really the crux of what's going on now. Even though we're seeing a lot of things that seem as if there's polarity, the truth is that we see the polarity because we’re able to start honing in on something that we've not been fully capable of achieving and that is unity.

Last night we were watching this Earth documentary showing animals and birds and all kinds of wildlife in very difficult environments, like the Himalayas. Something that really struck me as I watched it is, “Isn't it absolutely extraordinary how every one of these species is so well designed and oriented to being able to survive and go through the different cycles within different seasons, with the challenges and the opportunities that all of these different qualities of life present to them?”

At the same time, along with that in my fascination for seeing how amazing all of this encoding is, I also was struck by the fear that's a significant part of so many of these animals. Fear and separation and a distinctive belief that there is not enough is so prevalent, that animals need to fight with each other for those "scarce" resources.

I believe that human beings have also been in that same unfortunate dynamic. We're set up with all of these capabilities. We're really quite exquisite in the way that we are structured. At the same time on a consciousness level, rather than being more fully equipped to work with unity, we've been more ingrained to function with separation and fear as the stimulants.

I believe that is what is disintegrating right now in our structures -  the fear and the separation. Those elements are heightening in our awareness, so we can really see it. We can shift that belief, that consciousness and imagine what life is like when we truly understand, as Buckminster Fuller used to share many years ago, that we live in an ocean of infinite abundance.

When we live in that ocean. We wonder in it. We play in it. We fish in it. We orient ourselves in this dynamic way. Then the fear begins to subside. The need to fight for what we thought were limitations can subside. We then can move into a different flow of unity and cooperation. learning how to co-habitate in ways that say “When we work together then we all win.” We can learn to play from the belief and value of win-win.

I really do believe that's the place we are entering into now. One of the reasons that we work with sacred geometry is because sacred geometry instructs us, offering the energy over and over again. It shows us how to work together. How, when we work with certain dynamic patterns, with certain rhythms, with certain ratios, like the Phi ratio, that these are cooperative structures. These are significant elements to put together the building pieces, so we can truly live in a co-creative, unified and loving manner. It teaches us to move from that place of fear and concern.

Take time to reconnect, to move to the Higher Realms, that we access through the heart. When we're in that place, we cooperate. When we work with each other from that place, it's quite exquisite and extraordinary. How different life becomes.

We are generating new frequencies, new structures, new elements of life. That is a very exciting part of where we are right now. What we see and why it's a great time to reflect, to let go of what doesn't work is to connect into a way or a manner that will really catapult us to these next levels of higher conscious capability for all life.

It's a very blessed time that we're in. It really is. I know watching that film last night with Gail, seeing what animals go through on this planet, I realized that this is our consciousness on display. We often see competition is necessary for food. The competition that is necessary between different female birds or male birds in saying who is the most attractive, for them to attract a mate.

We're looking at this dynamic of competition, separation, and fear. These are aspects of our consciousness that are being projected into the world, to be giving back to us. It's an important thing to have each of us go into the depth of who we are, in our center, in our core and touch upon the unity that we find there.

Realize that the Earth is going through a transformation right now. What she is doing with her vibration, in raising that vibration, she is offering us an opportunity to step aboard. Offering every single life form on this planet, plants and animals an opportunity to step aboard. We might be looking at some of the species that are leaving that we attribute to climate change and misuse of Earth's resources and so forth as an inability to move to the next level.

I don't want to diminish that human beings need to be more conscious in the way they work with resources and with the wild aspects of the Earth. They need to become congruent with it. But nevertheless things are shifting in who is deciding to stay. Who is deciding to leave. That's true for human beings.

So for you inside your being, it's important right now to really come to a clear decision if you choose to stay. To stay in a way that will reflect your divinity, that will reflect your love. That will reflect your joy and reflect your abundant spirit.

Then I'm sure we're going to see an inter-phasing with the Animal Kingdom, that will be beyond what has been written supposedly into the DNA structure of theirs and ours for millions of years. It's really an opportunity to transcend that programing. Do not to say "Oh! This is the way animals are. Therefore the animal part of me is just the way I am."

It is the Divine part of us that is capable of reaching into the cosmos, bringing back a level of frequency, a level of love, a level of understanding and joy that can literally transform other human beings. Transform the world and the environment around us. We live in a gorgeous environment, because this is what we've created.

We've chosen to create that. We've chosen to create all the people that we speak to everyday about the tools that we build. To help them in their lives through the tools and conversations we have. We're always talking about growth. We're always talking about love. We're always talking about opportunity. It's because we've chosen to do that.

So whether you're a homemaker with children, you're a cook that makes food, you're a business person that's working in a world with computers and others, you can bring that aspect of consciousness and joy into your life. It may be in a way where you don't even realize what's going on, other than the fact people want to be around you.

Because they feel the joy. They feel the love that is inside you that is emanating out. You're not trying to do that. It's not something you turn on and turn off. It's simply your beingness coming through by being connected to all that is, starting with your heart center.

Some of the tools that we offer, like the Heart Companion, the I.Connect, some of these tools that spin are powerful ways to help you feel that connection of energy and feel that flow. When you feel that flow, you know what your next step is going to be, where you’re going in this life. It takes the pain, confusion and the fear out of living in this world at this time.

Thank You Thank you for joining us today. We wish you deep blessings.

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