Improve Your Health Through Higher Energy Connection

Improve Your Health Through Higher Energy Connection

Earlier when I was talking about the Earth Grid, that is the grid that used to be around the planet. I'm saying that it is shifting -  the energy nodes of the planet. This is a form that's created with the Icosahedron and the Dodecahedron interpenetrating each other. We'll find they always interpenetrate in a Phi Ratio relationship so that means if you take this distance here it's going to be in a Phi Ratio relationship to this distance in the length. So the length and the width are in a Phi Ratio relationship.

What we've done with this next form is we've taken all the points off of here and it gives us something we call this Sphere of Health. It's working with the 20 triangles of the Icosahedron and the 12 faces of the Dodecahedron. You can still see in there but in this form when is perfectly spherical and especially when it's spinning and moving, you start working with something that helps with the health of the body, working with the emotions which are a big component of our health.

If you were able to balance the emotions, get them to drain out of your body ground into the Earth and allow higher frequencies to come in to replace those negative emotions you can start to experience a much better situation in terms of health and well-being and also reducing the stress that goes on mentally. That's another element that makes a tremendous difference and science is finally beginning to acknowledge that people that are working under a lot of stress, working with a lot of anger or a lot of fear or sadness will develop difficulties in their body, like diseases.

So a tool like this helps to create a flow, a balanced energy that creates relationship between our physical, emotional and mental bodies and the higher dimensional realms where frequencies are at a much higher level, thus are vibrating at a level closer to love and true higher consciousness.

If you get this shape and you have it, It’s very good to have it oriented in a way so that you have this horizontal band while it’s spinning and just have it spin. I have a Sphere of Health above my bed at home to help me with my physical issues and helping just to keep things balanced and healthy.

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