How We Can Move Beyond the Polarity of Good and Evil

How We Can Move Beyond the Polarity of Good and Evil

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Thank you so much for joining us, I'm Gail Hoag.

And I'm Gregory.

And today I'm really thrilled to be interviewing a dear friend who has just for years has been an inspiration to so many people, and that is Jonette Crowley. And Jonette is a spiritual teacher, author and channel, she's been called one of the world's purest channels. She founded the Center for Creative Consciousness in the early 1990s to support humanity's spiritual awakening.

As a shaman in the ancient lineage of the Sun and a modern day mystic, she explores the inner plains and maps the higher dimensions of consciousness so they can be explained and made accessible to others. Her book, The Eagle and the Condor wonderful book, is a true story of an unexpected, mystical journey, and it's now in 12 languages.

Jonette has created the powerful soul body fusion technique for healing and wholeness, and her book Soul Body Fusion, The Missing Piece for Healing and Beyond, is in 10 languages. Jonette has powerful gifts of clairvoyance, healing and the unique ability to lift others to experience their own spiritual truths, she teaches spiritual growth workshops and retreats in the United States and Europe. So, Jonette, welcome.

You know, I've known you guys for so many years, probably 25 I don't even want to think, but at least 25. Yeah, from when I was first getting started knowing I was a channel and, and I said, You know, who else is in this world? And friends told me about you, it's it's been a wonderful journey. These 25 plus years, all of us together.

Wow, that's really true, and, you know, in these interviews that we've been doing, one of the joys for us has been connecting with some of those people like you who we've known for so many years and all of what we've gone through and the growth and how we've been able to bring our, you know, that resonance that love that wisdom forward and. Make a difference in the world, and you do, Jonette, you are really one of those wonderful light beings.

And it's so much fun to play and continually connect because we have such a similar resonance and that resonance is that connection to higher self. It's like before we started and we were talking about, well, what are some of the challenges and you said " I haven't gone through too many challenges." and one of the reasons why and for us, too, is that we have that connection through our heart center to higher self and from that soul perspective, it's not like there are challenges in the world, they're just like opportunities. And that's what we want to share with you today and have you share with our audience.

Yeah, so, so give us a little, a little synopsis of what the last couple of years has been like for you, because it's cause all of us to reorient, you know, whether it's been, you know, painful or dramatic or whatever. I mean, a lot of it, a lot of cases, it's been awesome. And yet there have been some real let's call them recalibration shifts that I feel are absolutely significant.

You know, I like to look back and say, you know, we we've been knowing for a long time that we are moving into a greater place of transformation, and I don't think any of us knew quite what it was going to look like, and then all of a sudden, the whole world just slowed down and stopped, and it's really remarkable. So tell us, tell us what it's been like for you.

Well, I think my experience is like everybody's we were, we were manically extroverted, all of us, you know, doing this, doing that, facing out. I was traveling to a zillion countries teaching overseas and and really a hamster on a wheel, but having fun, and then when it all stopped, suddenly, I think I got to cut away that part of me that was extraneous and that was reactive. And I say reactive, not in a emotionally reactive way, but I was moving so quickly I didn't have time to comprehend and then be with what was happening.

I was just reacting to this and now I'm on this plane. And I think it was great, gracefully healing for me to slow down and find that there is purpose in quietness, which isn't me because I'm a great extrovert. And I think the greatest thing I've noticed, especially in the last few months, because it's been more than two years in this COVID thing, is that my mind is quieter, and last week I was feeling into how still my mind is a lot of the time.

And at first, of course, like everybody else, I think something's wrong with me, I go, Maybe that's old age, maybe, you know, dementia setting in, and I just don't think as much, and then all of a sudden I go, Jonette, it's not old age. It's actually one of the steps of Enlightenment is that you get still and you're not activated by your thoughts all the time. So this was a new awareness like, Oh, I'm quiet, and that's good, so it's it's really been extraordinary to watch people find themselves again and and have me find myself when I wasn't just so busy doing.

Such a gift for all of us, really and there are so many new things coming up in the cosmos. I mean, that's that's part of the excitement, I think that all of us are feeling, you know, this quietness is setting us up for an influx, and that influx is going to require us changing, and so we've already changed some. Well, what do you think are some of the other important changes that, we need to be open to allowing in our beingness.

Let me talk first about you use the word influx, I'll share a few like shamanistic journeys that I've done, and what I've seen this one was probably about, it might have been two years ago, COVID had started and I decided that I was going to get into my big high self and I was going to just tell the evil bad darkness anything that doesn't belong here from a human perspective, to get out of here, you know, because the guides can't get rid of these things.

So, so I went into a very high shamanistic state and I saw good and evil, I saw all of the the the chaos in our world, and then I saw and I was in it, and it wasn't very nice. And on the end of that or through that space, I saw a big double door and it had an infinity symbol on it, and I was just in that space saying, All right, you have six months to to clear out of here anybody who intends evil. And I said, and it wasn't me speaking, it really was a higher part of me that surprised the heck out of me.

And she basically said, You know, you must stop bringing evil and I'll use that word, but negativity, the negative polarity into Earth, we've got our own and we can deal with human negativity, but we don't want it input into our world continually. And, and in that space, I saw when I went to the doors, I I understood the space I was in was was the door of the seventh seal that that's the world we've been living in. And I don't know what the door of the Seventh Seal is.

But when I saw the infinity symbol door it and it opened, I heard, and this is the door of the eighth seal, and immediately upon opening that double door, it was light and all these beings from the cosmos who were now available to us to help us. And you know how it is in these higher spaces, your knowing comes instantaneously, so I'm trying to put it in a logical way, but it was instantaneous and the instantaneous knowing was in this door of the seventh seal where we've been, is the knowledge of good and evil.

And in order to have free will, humanity has had to be within this realm of good and evil, and we had to get ourselves through the door, and only then was there all this massive cosmic help and this brilliant light. And so what we're doing now is the doors are open and we can stay looking at the door of good and evil or, you know, the realm of good and evil, which is is polarity and everything that's getting so strong.

Or we can say, Wait, I'm not choosing this side or this side, I am moving to beyond clarity and there was so much help. And and I feel that being the great beings of shambala, like the energies of the realms of Shambala, is coming more into humanity than ever, ever before, so the influx of light and help is incredible. But they're not going to help us deal with our stuff, we're still responsible for it. So I don't know if that answered your question, but I see it, I feel it, and I've never seen those doors open like they are right now.


Wow. And I want to I know we both want to respond to this, so a couple of things, one is, you know, as we're moving through these, these amazing times of transformation, there's something very profound about being able to accept, the devout individuality of who we are and come together into the whole.

And I think that's one of the great things that were being shown, and it's darn hard because we have these judgments and these expectations and all of these different things and the world is showing us in, you know, in cinema graphic, you know, blasting that there are these great differences.

Or that's what we think the world is saying.

Then that when we're in that place, yeah. And then we have the opportunity to say, so what? So what? How do we come into unity? Not as this nice little mush, you know, with, you know, that's very, you know, I don't know what the word is, but you know, if it's something that honors our individuality, that honors the and the the specific gifts and the specific challenges of individuals, and bringing it together and going, wow, what an amazing unity this makes together.

And I think that's that's one of the things that we're grappling with and that takes, I think, the high level of human maturity to get there, and I believe we're really getting there that we are working there. And one of the things that is a discomfort is seeing the the drama that's going on out there, and yet we can't move forward by just being naive. It's important to come into the whole with an embrace of self-acceptance and acceptance of all, and then we can truly have that, you know, that love that we're all here to experience.

You know, let me before we get to Greg, let me underscore what you said about self-acceptance, because when we're fomenting in all this external judgment and condemnation, sometimes it's only looks like it's external, it's really focused on us. And so their healing has to happen where we're saying, where have we judged ourselves? Where have we decided we were unworthy and unworthy of compassion or understanding?

And when we get that, then then we can love what is, and it doesn't matter because everybody's opinion and position is just a script, and we are the actors and actresses who have the script, we are not the script. And it really is an opportunity to jump above that and and love what is. And know that what is is just this play and fireworks, and it's not eternal. It doesn't last.

It really does come down as a play for each of us individually, and you know what you were saying about the doors and the whole aspect of good and evil? It's all about our discernment, step by step. And that's the opportunity, and we're being set up for such a powerful opportunity because this world is what strengthens our spiritual muscle. When we are able to discern and choose that light, choose that joy and then help another because it's in service that we find that our spiritual muscle is exercised again.

And that's when so much help like you're describing, it's right there, right through the thinnest of veils right now. And I think that's what we're all feeling, and it feels so wonderful to have spirit acknowledge our presence in this play again and again. And that was another thing we shared a little bit about, that would be fun to talk about right now.

And that's, you know, this thing called serendipity, which the way it's put out in the world, it seems like, oh, this chance that happens now and then. But I know the way that you're playing your life out and we are ours, that serendipity is the normal course of being, you know, you just expect that universe is going to be there because it always is and it's always there in a loving way. So share more about that from your perspective.

Well, what I see is I look at this year, my guides have called it the and my guides for many years were white eagle and then never been physical being called Mark and Mark has said that this is the truth, which means the frequencies are so sharp, you know, and we're looking at like the sword of truth and the sort of truth is illuminated in, it illuminates the right path, but it's sharp, it cuts away that which gets in the way.

So I think this year, I think it's going to be a tough year, a lot crumbling that was on false premises anyway, but the high vibration this frequency of a supersonic cleaner is also giving us so much clearer access to our higher self, to our inner principles than ever before. And so serendipity is just the universe's wink that we're on that higher plane and that we're surfing the waves in a different way.

And I just want to use this analogy of surfing. My my guide, Mark, he always said, you know, a lot of us think we're on a spiritual path to make our world easier, to make fewer waves, and he says, we do not promise fewer waves. What we promise is that you'll be a better surfer. And I, like always come back to that because, you know, we think I'm spiritual now my life works. No, it's just as bad as it was before you and a good friend go goes to the north side of Hawaii to get the biggest waves.

So the better surfer you are, the more it's OK, so we are getting that way faster and faster. Really, all of you, your guides are coming in the serendipity and the synchronicity, and it's I think it's really challenging us to look at our misconceptions about ourself. You know, forget about the misconceptions about the outside world, that's that's just a distraction.

But where have we not conceived well of ourself? Where have we held false concepts of ourself that we're smaller, unworthy or we're not hugely powerful creative beings who keep creating in a small box when we got the universe as a sandbox? So it's it's amazing times, you guys, and and it isn't promised to be easy, no matter how spiritual you are.

Yeah, I think that's a very important point, and I want to thank you for bringing that up because I think that, you know, as we mature, we have, you know, it's like, the eagle can fly up higher and see more, right? And I think that's part of it, you know that our grasp like what you're talking about playing on this cosmic scale, the grasp of what we have now is it's humongous. I'm feeling this shift in the vibration of energy when I look outside, it feels different to me. I don't know whether you've experienced anything like that or not, I see that you're shaking your head.

It it's amazing about, oh gosh, a couple of weeks ago there was a it was first thing in the morning, it was right around the time that we finally got moisture again and we had in the morning a double rainbow that went, it was full and complete double, and the vibration of the light was so ecstatic. I just in the rain, I kept going outside and I didn't I had my nightgown on because it was in the morning and it didn't matter. You know, it was so good to feel that energy that the rain and the vibration of light was. I had a feeling of total ecstasy.

It just it. It's amazing. And you know, years ago, I spent most of my time as a painter, as an artist, and I've put that aside for quite a few years as we've been doing our work in the world with spirituality and sacred geometry and all those things that we do and having children and lovely things like that, and just recently, I've been feeling this call to come back and paint again, and I want to be able to bring into this next canvas the feeling of that light because it was so exquisite, it was so amazing and catalytic.

And what I my intention is that it is a catalyst, that it actually radiates out that light to people, that they get it. And they recognize that we are in a different field now, and when you're in a different field, you can play differently if you recognize it. But sometimes it happens that you think you're in the same place.

And the truth is we are not. And if we can really get a grip on that, I think that will help us flow more to be more fluid in this coming year, recognizing that we don't have those same grip holds, they're not there and we don't need them. We have the capabilities now to be able to play at this higher vibrational level.

You know, I've got it kind of a picture that helps me see what this changes is higher vibrational level, and I began to see it in. I work with medicine wheels because I'm a grandmother in the native tradition, and I was with in a medicine wheel in Sedona, and I saw it turn the the way it normally turns is clockwise and most ceremonies happen clockwise. And as I sat there and it was interesting, it was below a birthing cave in Sedona and in the forest was this hidden medicine wheel that we could only see from the birthing cave.

And the energy of it moved clockwise and then they stopped, and I'm thinking, you know, and it's not really moving. It's it's my inner vision and I'm thinking, Oh my gosh, when the medicine wheel stops turning, does it mean a pull shift? What does it mean? And then it started turning counter-clockwise, and the knowing I had is that for thousands, thousands, tens of thousands of years, everything's been going clockwise, which is the masculine principle, it's moving into time.

And if you imagine we've been here going around and it looks like it's going to go around again, but it goes over here and it starts a new loop going counterclockwise. So we're at this inflection point that and the clockwise one is karma, that's where we keep circling around time. And now we're at this inflection point to go counterclockwise, which is outside of time and outside of karma, so we're there and it's given it's not that some people will make it and some people won't.

We're all moving on this new cycle, which is greatly feminine and the the cosmic grandmothers come to me and and this was interesting out of out of nowhere. I was meditating about three months ago, and I'm used to connecting to the cosmic grandmothers, but this time I hear this, and the cosmic grandmothers had said that we were taking the energy back from the masculine dominance that now the feminine is coming back and we all know that.

But to hear these grandmothers say we are taking the energy back from the hunters and the warriors back to the hearth, back to the fire, back to the home, but that the star grandmothers, I heard this being and it was very E.T. I couldn't see anything and it's it's voice was very E.T. - ish Very synthetic. And it said We are the star mothers and I go, OK and and it said. We've made big changes, they said, and and never connected with them, so I didn't know why they were talking to me.

We made big changes and I said, what? And I heard them say, we've removed technology, so I'm getting a little off your subject before, but evidently there's been technology that the Earth has had that is misused. Probably a lot of it. And these star mothers said, we've removed the technology and there are big changes. And I said, Well, what can we do? And their answer and their synthetic voice was Dream Big, Dream Big.

And so we're on this whole different trajectory, different than we've had in maybe since humanity came on Earth, maybe since Lemuria. And it's opening up everything for us, and we've got so much help, technology that's been misused is being taken away and we're seeing by higher and higher dimensional beings, so we are, I said it before. We're so supported and what's happening is not a rerun of Atlantis or Lemuria, it's totally new creation. No reruns.

You know, that's exciting and really very true. I know from my perspective, working with, I mean, just number, that one is source, but it's unknowable, you divide any number by one. You still get the same number, it's like one is hidden. So and and numbers have they have gender to them, and so the odd numbers are masculine in nature. And so two is the feminine aspect of creation. It is through two, it is through duality that the world knows itself, and that's a feminine aspect.

And so going back into the feminine is the only way we can reach unity. We have to open up to the feminine and the clockwise versus counterclockwise, one of the aspects of clockwise is bringing energy in counterclockwise is Earth, reaching up into the stars. So it's in a way it's our opportunity at this time on one hand, yes, the veils are thin, yes, there's so much help. But we have to stand, it's like working with a young child that's learning to walk as much as you do.

You can't be hanging on to that child all the time. It has to stand. It has to take its steps and walk. And that's the joy of the counterclockwise spiral is us reaching in to us doing our part and being, you know, part of the whole next step. The play that unfoldment is enveloping us and we're moving toward that, that higher understanding.

I can feel that when you say it and it, it has the same energy is Gail. When you were just talking about that ecstatically clear sunrise. It's that energy that we are in now and we are it.

Yeah, yeah. And then, you know, we look at we are it and we've known that. And now what? It's like, you know, there's still this place where in a material world we're in, we're in material form and and and it feels like we are dealing with the we're dealing with the higher realm so that we're reaching into those dimensions so much more strongly.

And there's there's like a new how can I say this? I mean, there's there's almost like missing words right now because we don't have I don't seem like I have the grip of a language yet that gives that really portrays what's happening, and, so here we are. And with these, multidimensional, capabilities that we have and the you know, this, yes. Dreaming big is incredible and recognizing that as we dream.

So it is just as we were talking about before we started our program here that shortly before you said, Oh, it would be so nice to have some fresh flowers from a florist. And almost immediately, what happened? It showed up, right? That's really important to recognize how quickly, it happens, you know, there's purity that's happening, so. Coming not from the head, but I can only imagine that when you said I'd love to have beautiful flowers from a florist, it wasn't something in your mind that was conjuring that up.

It was something it was in your heart, it was in your soul. And I think that really is one of the important ways of moving forward is in a whole different way of how we operate and our minds are wonderful, but just like you said, the grandmother said, some of that technology is no longer here. I feel like that brain that it's so what we've been holding on to the brain has captured what already is. It's not a tool for our dreams.

It's not a tool for what we have as the highest aspiration of humanity and of our individual selves. And so what is? Well, that's where we move into heart and soul access. And that is that I believe when you say that this is going to be a tough year for, you know, in many ways, and yet it's going to develop a lot of spiritual muscle. I believe that is what's really going to happen, that we will get to learn more and more how to operate from that place. And that's what's necessary.

I think so, too, it's it's kind of the creation of our outcome are supernatural brain are supernatural mind where we're not creating from all the synapses and all the thinking. But from this in and I said supernatural mind, but it includes your heart that in our purity, we just put out pictures or ideas and the universe takes them in and creates them, and it can, I think it's going to do it more for each of us now because so much is falling apart.

And when you have a lot of rigid structures, there's not much room for creation. When your canvas is already full, you can't really do a brand new painting. So a lot tumbles down and then this creation of energy is really born in our hearts and we'll take it. Pitch will be out pictured through our like supernatural mind, our higher consciousness in amazing way, so I think we need to to stand up and say I'm worthy of miracles, all kinds of miracles.

Let's talk about that. That's that's a really potent piece right there, I am worthy of miracles. I am worthy of that enormous big dream. I am worthy of being a full on member of this extraordinary cosmos. Let's talk about, how we can go about doing that. How we can reach that?

Well, and and even in the saying I am worthy, there's a sense that the default is unworthy, so I wish I could think of a way to be worthy without it, without even using that word. You know, I am magnificent, and that magnificence is a electromagnetic signal that goes out and brings the resonance of proof of that magnificence everywhere. There are this, this is a little off the point, but I just read it today an email from a client in Norway about that, which is impossible, and she said, and this was some years ago.

She said she was taking the train in Oslo and she there, they have really long escalators down into the train station, the subway station. And she said she fell and she knew she would die because there's they're very high and very steep and very metal, and she just kind of let go. And somehow she did a somersault and landed two stairs up on her feet. And as this whole thing was happening because she decided, I'll just let go, if I die, I die a guy, a young man coming down or up the escalator, he yells, Matrix.

At the same moment she's having this fall and it really was like time change for her and she was on a different timeline. So we need to be magnificent enough to know that we're not just manipulating in this matrix, we are jumping impossible timelines because we can. We really, really can. So it's kind of a crazy story, but it reminds us that things are not linear and they're not supposed to be.

Wow. And I wanted to revisit what you were saying about the grandmothers saying they had, cut out technology or removed technology. And obviously, they didn't remove the technology because things are still working, but I think the real essence of what they were removing were the negative effects of technology on our beings because, you know, that's what we're working with was sacred geometry all of the time.

It's that where we are developing as a species right now with all the electromagnetic frequencies, all of the things with the toxins in the environment, all of the things going on with the emotional body of the planet being stirred up electronically and AI misdirecting things, what that is doing is diminishing our potential, it literally shuts down our ability to expand into the higher realms, even through our heart.

And what we're doing with the geometries and what the grandmothers are doing by removing technology is giving human beings the opportunity to be in that space of connection, that space without interruption, that space without irritation. Because that's what all of these things and technology are doing is they are disconnecting us from our higher self, their disconnecting us from each other, they're disconnecting us from even being able to feel our emotional body and be able to react in a loving way.

And all of the games, all of the things going on with the electronics, this is leading us down a very dark path without something to balance it. We still need to work with technology, but we need the balance of the love in the heart. And that's I know one of the things that you're also offering with, I think you were talking about a meditation that is really profound, and can you talk to us about what it is you want to offer some of our listeners around some of the things you're doing?

OK, and let me just say, when the star mothers came to me, they weren't taking away technology per se, I believe there's technology that's hidden from us that the, you know, secret parts of the world know that plays with timelines and plays with with things we can't even understand. So I think it's that the access to that, okay, occult technology is being dismantled, mm hmm. So in what you said really are our main thing is to reconnect to our heart and soul.

And I mean, that's why I wrote the Soul Body Fusion book, but because these the frequencies are actually easier to connect to our soul than before. But we have to cut away a lot of of self self-talk and self-identity that isn't truly our souls identity. You know, we have we have created this avatar that we think is us, and it's so important. And it's just really an avatar of our higher self. And when we remember that we give our power back to our higher self.

So this meditation is every year I do different meditations, a whole series of them and this one and I channel what it's going to be because it doesn't come out of my small brain. This one's called Ascension School for these next 12 months, and the first meditation that I just channeled is called the Sword of Truth, because my guide Mark is calling this the year of Truth and the Sword of Truth, it's sharp and it cuts away all parts of us that are not true to us that are not our truth, the parts of our avatar that are just our disguises in our false identity.

And it does it through energetics, these are very high dimensional meditations. And then I just see the sort of truth as this illumined scepter of energy in power. It doesn't need to slash away, it just stands as a pillar of light and so that, yeah, that's the meditation that I invite people to, but to maybe be part of my subscription every month I tap into the energies and no holds barred. I give the highest activations, initiations meditations that I can possibly carry because and transmit, because we don't have time to have baby steps.

We we have time just to go for whatever's out there, we throw it at you and and you lift to it. So it's so I really encourage people to look inside and look at their role in ascending. And it doesn't need to be dogmatic, it doesn't need to follow any strong strictures of you have to do this, this and this, it's almost that we just accept it and the right strategies and steps come into our life. And you guys know that you you help people magnetize what they need to them through your beautiful, sacred geometries.

Yeah, you know, there's I love what you're saying and thank you, thank you for that offer. I'm I'm going to take advantage of that, too. I really I love your work and I recommend it to everyone. It is, it is a phenomenal time and the energy is doing the work, the light is doing the work. All you need to do is allow. And I think that's one of the differences in manifesting that we're in now, it's it's not about pushing, it's not, you know, all the different ways that we've manifested in the past that have been much more based on how do you work on the physical plane?

Those aren't necessary anymore, because the vibration, as we've been talking about it has really shifted and working on those higher dimensional levels, we're working within all the realms of possibility. So the more that we authentically connect with that and are clear with it, then it all just it just comes together. That's the way, that's the way energy works when we, one of the things that we love to talk about with sacred geometry is that before there was form, there's just pure energy.

And then once energy is moving into this physical dimension, there's certain structure in the way that it works. So as we're familiar and as we're more comfortable with that and see ourselves as co-creators, divine co-creators, then we are giving color and form, we're giving texture to all of this now. And so, as we look for guidance, one of the things that I've become really been hearing this very much from my guidance is that don't look so much for being told what to do, you don't need that.

What is important is watch what comes into your life, watch the serendipity, watch all of the things that set you up in your life and learn from that because it's showing you the creative principles and the more that you recognize that, except that the more you can master it for your own, you know, for your beingness, and and I think that getting back to something that the star grandmother said, I know that from past life experience that I'm aware of, particularly from Atlantis, there were technologies that were out of integrity.

And so I really honor the grandmothers saying we've dismantled that, that's not there. And I've been feeling this in the last year or so that there's it's not necessary any longer to be concerned about the misuse. We've we've gone beyond that with, you know, we haven't learned everything, obviously, but we've learned enough to be at a whole nother level of presence and and heart and compassion and wisdom than we've had before.

And you know, like what you said, Jonette, about, you know, we may actually be in a time now that's beyond what humanity has ever experienced, that's, you know, that's very likely, and so and it's really it's really important that, we come back and really. You know, just sit in that quietness. Of the magnificence that will instruct us.


Beautifully said, beautifully said. You know, we manifest by our values, and you know, rather than saying, this is what I want, just radiate your values of love and oneness and kindness. And that will set up in magnetized anything and and we are so being watched by the other parts of the galaxies.

Because we are creators, we haven't lost our creativity, our ability to create. And it really is a new palette and no one knows everyone's holding their breath, but we've got this. I want to say, even though I think it's going to be a hard year, we've got it. The the outcome of a grand rebirth and a movement into a golden age, it's settled. The only thing that's unsettled is will we go blindly or will we open the door and actually enjoy the party?


Oh, you know, you do some wonderful channeling with Mark, and so could we ask Mark for, some guidance as to next steps for what would help people open their hearts to the new energies that are coming in and to be present?

I'm sure Mark would love to, so let me call him in and and his name is very ordinary name, but he's never been, he's not a he, he's never been on Earth. He's not ever been a physical being. So he's not an angel or or anything else. He actually said that he's a watcher. Which are these ancient beings who who stay out of the details, but watch over us.

OK, so let's see what Mark has to say. Your magnificence is embedded in your DNA, it's never been lost and never been corroded, though, in the worshiping of your, smallness, you have let go of that magnificence. It is, in essence, it's an essence that magnifies magnificence. So we invite you now to step into your heart. And let yourself find this magnifying essence that is your true essence. It is a feeling space. It feels like flow. It feels like home. Your job now is to tap into that essence of you, your true magnificence.

Be there enough that it begins to color your thinking, your actions. It begins to disengage your worries and your fears. This essence of you has no beginning and no end. It is not carved into lifetimes. But is endlessly flowing. And it has, the perfect frequency that matches. The magnificence of every other being. So now feel how beautifully you actually fit into this world.

And as these energies expand. We remind you that most humans believe that they don't belong here or they're unworthy, and please feel the claim that you belong everywhere and there is no such thing as unworthy. Expand now to feel your belongingness. Throughout the cosmos in all dimensions. So rather than give you where it's that you need to remember, we give you back you, your essence and your strength. Thank you, this is Mark.


Thank you. That was how was really appropriate and lovely.

You know, it's really interesting as a as a little girl, I used to at night, I used to look out my window as I was going to sleep, and I would be looking at the stars, and I would just be saying, where do I belong? I don't feel like I belong here, where is it that I belong? And that was what Mark just brought in, and thank you, Jonette, for bringing Mark through.

Thank you so much, that was so healing, so deeply, deeply healing. I'm sure there are so many people that are conscious of that longing to belong, and now knowing that this is the year of knowing and experiencing our belonging.


Wow, hugh.

And our mastery.

Mm hmm. Mm hmm.

You guys, I love you, it's just a joy to be with the two of you in this way and and with your friends, and I can't wait.

Yeah, yeah. What a beautiful, beautiful time that we're in and we've all known, haven't we, that we've we signed up for this one, and it's exquisite. To be standing here and going, Oh, we were here where we've been waiting for this, it's been it's been a long time coming hasn't it? But there is no time, so that doesn't matter anyhow.

You know, we're so ready to play full bore and that sword. It's it's the sword of truth, so to me, that means that as I'm dancing and playing with this sharpness around me, as long as I'm in the center, what gets removed is that which is true, that which doesn't serve, that which isn't truly me, so.


That's the way to ride through this year and the stuff that's crumbling, it will be crumbling on the outside, and what is being built inside is slowly manifesting more and more in this dimension through the eighth door, which is really eight, is the playing field, it works as infinity on its side, but eight is also this reality that we are playing in. So this is the final step into the higher dimensional realms of the nine.

It is it is, and we're all here figuring it out.

So my my prayer, my humble prayer is that we have an awesome time with this that we play and we dream big and we play big with all of the heart and soul and compassion and presence and yeah, and we're here for each other. This is the time for the good of all that we are truly here for all.

And so it is.

And so it is, and so it is, and we want to thank you so much, Jonette, for taking this time with us. It's such a joy.

Really, truly is. And you know, this is the time to recognize your your playmates in this world and your playmates in the other higher dimensions as well. And in just work together, play, have fun. Be as the little child that loves to play, and that's how we're entering the new world.

And I know Jonette, you know how to play. That's one thing about you. You're a player.

Life is good.

Life is good, it is good. So to all the playing for everyone. Thank you, Jonette, for being with us. We would love you and appreciate you and all of you that are listening, we love you and appreciate you and we see your magnificence.

So thank you for joining us today. And much love and blessings.


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2 years ago

I am enjoying this video immensely and look forward to browsing through your archives. Thank you for Sharing with the world.

Andrea Latchford
Andrea Latchford
2 years ago

Thank you so much for this recording
Words fail me, it is amazing.

2 years ago

Thank You, 🙏❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ it was so wonderful to take part of this, Marianne from Sweden 🥰🌸💛🌈

Prema Rose
2 years ago

So great to reconnect with you. Thank you for this Vlog.
I have so much to say to the three of you.
You may remember me from when I was a midwife in Boulder and part of your weekly group, Jonette. My name then was Pamela, but Prema took over my life when I stepped back into my long-time passion.
I have worked with these teachings for so many years. Greg and Gail, I studied with Keith Critchlow in England while I was immersed in the Gurdjieff Work. From there I, with my husband Hugh Rose, incorporated Sacred Geometry into the house we built in Auroville on the Enneagram.
When the time came, I had to complete the writing of my animated/live-action musical screenplay, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. Everything you are saying is embedded in the movie. It has taken many years to bring it into production and I am on the verge. In 1976 the head of the film department at UCLA said, “It is genius but the world isn’t ready for it.”
Well, now it is.
I had raised my four children, Built my house in Fourmile Canyon, was a midwife for 25 years, and then retreated to Paonia to rewrite the movie.
I invite you to see and hear what I have produced as a taste of the whole project with the means I had available to me. I would be happy to continue the conversation with you if you wish.
Serendipity has become a major word in my paradigm and I use it multiple times a day!

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