How to Reduce Your Karma in 2022 Part 4

How to Reduce Your Karma in 2022 Part 4

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In this video, world-renowned experts in Sacred Geometry Gregory and Gail Hoag continue their conversation with their dear friend Lisa Witter on reducing your karma this year. This is part 4 of the series, and in it, they discuss how karma is partly responsible for the blockage of the energy that’s flowing from source and how it’s causing the diseases and difficulties we’re facing today.

Additionally, they explain how it’s difficult to be human in the world we live in now and how Sacred Geometry helps us with that by enabling us to connect to source and call for guidance and support. Gail adds that calling guidance is about unification and understanding our individuality to be able to experience unified consciousness.

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1 year ago

Thank you all for the very informative lesson I enjoy your information very much Trixie❤️

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