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Over the past year, we’ve been redesigning our amazing and popular Heart Companion pendant. We wanted to bring in some new visual and energetic upgrades to make it even more beautiful and empowering. The more we got into it, we realized the changes would be significant and would even extend into a total makeover of both Energizing Chambers we use in the final stage of production.

The past couple years have etched into each of us deeply and inspired important transformations and recognitions. We were urged by Spirit to develop a new rendition of our beloved Heart Companion to meet the present time and honor the divine feminine and masculine embodiment in a soul centered life. 

The Heart & Soul Companion has two completely new beautiful faces and improved internal technology.

In celebration of our launch, we’d like to thank our wonderful community with our biggest discount on our Legacy Heart Companions. 

While our limited supply lasts, you can order any Heart Companion in stock at 40% off.

If you’ve been wanting to get a particular Heart Companion or gift them to your loved ones, this is the perfect time to order them, as we’ll no longer produce any from the Legacy edition once our remaining stock is gone.


The Heart Companion is the perfect choice to activate your heart center – the gateway to the higher dimensions. Each Heart Companion contains 2 sides. By choosing which side you want towards your body, you will feel more energy from the celestial and mental realms with the Star Face or have a more grounding experience with the Earth Face. Play with what feels best to you as you are wearing the pendant.

The gems added to the Heart Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensional frequencies into the physical world. This increases the energy flow into your body with the chakras being the receivers of these energies. Below you will see numerous styles that all contain the same technology. The difference is the configuration of gems on the pendant.

The Heart Companion cuts through the chaotic stress of everyday life. It establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream. By wearing it near your heart, you’ll feel your connection to Source energy and raise your frequency with ease. It’s designed to overcome the negative effects of 5G, electromagnetic frequencies and environmental toxins. It also reduces the personal effects of negative emotional overload and the feelings of division so present in the world today.

Wearable beauty with the power to transform your life

The components of the Heart Companion combine ancient and modern technologies serving as antenna to interact with life-positive, coherent frequencies.

What people are saying about the Heart Companion

“I have been working with Metaforms technology for seven years. I am amazed with the way this technology has helped me improve my life experiences. When I first placed the Heart Companion in my hand, I immediately felt the strong energy emanating from the pendant. After wearing it for a couple of days, I felt more peaceful and more in balance. I also noticed that I was less inclined to react to situations and had the control to think before I responded. I had experienced this mindful state while in meditation, but it was harder to maintain mindfulness in my daily life. The Heart Companion seemed to help me make this possible.”

“I went to the dentist today… while I was in the chair, waiting for them to take X-rays and clean my teeth, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety. I clenched the Rainbow Heart Companion and I asked all the energy that it contained to move deeper into me and relax every muscle, nerve, thought and put me into a beautiful peaceful state. I have to say that this is exactly what happened.

I wanted to share how this pendant has miraculously helped me deal with the unbearable anxiety I was experiencing last night and today sitting in that dentist chair…. until I held the pendant in my hand over my heart! I knew all would be well.”

“I bought the greatest gift of Love for myself I have ever purchased! I bought a BEAUTIFUL and PROFOUND Heart Companion earlier this year. This is such an incredible tool and life-changer!

Everywhere I go, those that can ‘sense’ stop me and want to know about this piece I wear. It’s such a blessing you’re bringing forth~ especially during these highly dramatic times with frequency elevations beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before!”

“I am enjoying my Heart Companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before, and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams: they are more lucid, and I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.”

“You can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.”

“After receiving and working with the Heart Companion, I'm so connected. I can't thank you enough. My mom's business is suddenly picking up. I feel safe for the first time in many years. This tool has opened up geometric doorways into my destiny. I'm blown away. This tool is literally the hammer that helps me build the house. I'm building it. Thank you."

Powerful Sacred Geometric Technology You Can Take Anywhere

The Heart Companion blends Sacred Geometric technology into a double-sided energy jewelry piece to wear near your heart. You will feel your connection to Source energy like never before.

This elegant hand-crafted pendant offers several choices of high-quality arrays of gemstones encased in a brushed stainless steel shell. These stunning, powerful, and endearing pendants include the latest I.Connect technology, plus more.

Each pendant is double-sided with a Star and Earth Face. When the Star Face is towards your body, you will experience feeling more connected cosmically, while the Earth Face towards your body will help you be more grounded. Genuine high-quality gemstones in either a smooth dome shape (cabachon) or diamond cut (faceted) enhance the energy and beauty of each pendant. (Size: 1 3/16” diameter)

Get Your Original Heart Companion Legacy Edition at 40% Off!

Available only while supplies last

Powerful Sacred Geometric Technology You Can Take Anywhere

Crown/Solar Plexus

ONLY Silver

From: $68.40 / month for 2 months


Blue Sapphire/Citrine
Throat/Solar Plexus

ONLY Silver

From: $74.40 / month for 2 months


Gold Filled & Sterling Silver Chains

Our strong 1.7 mm Rope patterned chains are gold-filled with 14K gold.
This means they will last a lifetime without the gold wearing off.
Also, they have no nickel that sometimes irritates sensitive skin.

French Rope 1.7 mm sterling silver chain.

The chain is guaranteed by the manufacturer to be free of manufacturing defects. ( i.e. bad clasp, bad Soldering joint, bad link). We will repair or exchange such item(s). However, we cannot be held liable for oxidation/tarnish, customer neglect or mishandling. All returns that are not the result of manufacturing defects will be subject to a 10% restocking fee.

Choose your chain length ~ 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″, 30″

From: $10.00 / month for 2 months


All our products are lovingly handmade. 100% guaranteed.

Full refund of product price when it is returned in prime condition within 30 Days of receipt of product. Payment plans 0% interest.

How to select gemstones for your Heart Companion

The Heart Companion moves energy from very high dimensions; however, the final gateways into the physical body are through the chakras. The mineral kingdom and the organized structure found in crystals helps amplify and direct higher energy through the astral level where the emotional body resides and takes it into the etheric and physical body.


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