Glen Rein Scientist The Effects of Sacred Geometry Part 2

Glen Rein Scientist The Effects of Sacred Geometry Part 2

Gregory: Water's conductivity can be increased. That's what's going on with water outside of the body. An interesting thing is that we're made up of 90% water. One organ with high amounts of water is blood. There are other organs that are made up of 80 or 70% water. One would assume that conductivity can be increased with the water internally as well.

Glen: Right. It's kind of hard to open people up and get access to their water. I mean you could use saliva or blood because there is a lot of water there. But then you have to get rid of all the chemicals, biochemicals, nutrients, minerals and electrolytes because they absorb energy as well.

I've been testing the effects of subtle energy on different kinds of water. In fact water with a lot of minerals is not as effective at absorbing subtle energy. Probably because the minerals absorb the energy and it leaves less energy for the water to absorb.

So that's one of the first conclusions I've been able to draw up from the experiments. The other conclusions are that different geometries affect the water in a different way. All of Gregory's geometries increase conductivity. I can't say that about all the other forms of subtle energy I work with. In fact some forms of subtle energy inhibit conductivity by making the flow of energy less efficient. Assumedly that's not good for the body.

We do know that conductivity and flow of electrons is very important. That goes back to the researcher Szent-Gyorgy 50 to 75 years ago. He was the first to explain the whole idea of the electron transfer processes in water and biological systems as being very important. We know increasing conductivity is better than decreasing it. Either technologies increase or decrease it.

Gregory: Another interesting thing to me is when you first started working with our Aquarian Pyramid measuring how a geometry shape would have an effect on DNA without human intervention.

At that time you were measuring what was going on with healers. They're bringing their focus and intent to DNA. You found that a Healer that was sending energy into DNA could increase the winding or unwinding of the DNA. So obviously human consciousness has an effect on DNA and water.

The interesting thing to me was that separate from human consciousness, outside of you just bringing a form in without having any sense of what's going to happen, you measure what's going on with the DNA. You measure what's going on with the water just being in proximity to a form or being inside a form with the case of the DNA.

You're going to be doing some more research with some of our forms with the Causal Generator. We have consciousness affecting DNA and also a Geometry form that has an effect on DNA without any special interaction. I think a lot of people will go. "huh'"

Glen: Yeah, It turns out that's right. Geometric patterns do generate an energy which resonates with water. Remember the old pyramid story, where they used to say pyramids could actually affect the metal in a razor blade. So we're talking about affecting the atomic structure of matter. In this case physical matter. In the present case with my research it's liquid matter, liquid water. Either way it's matter.

These energies associated with these geometries do resonate with water. They do affect the electrical properties of water. It can be measured scientifically and be reproduced. It does add a hell of a lot of credibility to Gregory's research. Stay tuned because next time we'll talk about the effects on DNA.

Gregory: One more thing I wanted to say is. When you have human beings' intent, some do better than others because they learned to focus their intent. Then you have geometries also having an effect as some of the pendants that we have, that you've experienced and worked with, had that sense of having that energy on your body. When you bring intent and geometry together one would think that it could have an accumulative effect on whatever you're working on.

Glen: The next series of experiments that I do, I would like to address that specific question. But you guys all probably have figured it out. It's hard to do those experiments because Gregory says you put the geometry there and then you don't focus your intention. Well my intention is part of the experiment. Gregory's intention is part of the making of the geometric patterns in the first place.

It's very hard to separate the matter from the energy. The shape, from the geometry, from the consciousness. But there are ways to do it. We've been brainstorming about how to actually do that in the laboratory. At this point we can certainly say that both consciousness and geometric patterns affect DNA and water. What happens when you mix the two together? Stay tuned.

Gregory: The other thing that we were having a problem with trying to figure out today is to work with some water. You were asking me what's the field of this form? Actually the field of some of these forms of geometry go out hundreds and thousands of miles in their affect.

What we found with some pieces is if you work with your intent to bring it into relationship with Mother Earth we start to effect the grid of the planet. That's the level of connection we’re able to demonstrate with working with geometries. That gives us that higher-dimensional vibrational access point to the earth itself. Once we're in her system, it starts magnifying around the planet and waves so it's hard to have a control that doesn't get affected even when it's miles from what you're doing.

Glen: It does affect the control. The effects that I'm seeing are strong enough so that even though the control is also being affected, it's affected less than the treated sample. The treated sample is closer. Although some would say distance doesn't matter, size doesn't matter, shape does matter.

Therefore the difference between the treated and the untreated would be even larger if I took the control several miles away from the laboratory where the water is being treated by the shape. Those are experiments that are hard to do and are impractical to do. But if you could do it that way then the effects that I'm observing would be even larger.

Gregory: Because the control would be even less exposed to the subtle energy.

Glen: Exactly.

Gregory: Here we are, we're playing, we're having fun with energy. All for the purpose in the end of when I was talking about consciousness it's really an expansion beyond what goes on with mental capabilities. But it's the expansion of the human being into their full Multi-Dimensional nature.

Glen: Which is something maybe in my next lifetime I'll figure out how to measure. But at this point with the limited science that we have in the 21st century, it's a little hard to measure that.

Gregory: However, the nice thing is we can experience it.

Glen: Absolutely.

Gregory: It especially resonates in the heart.

Glen: That's where you feel it.

Gregory: As love.

Glen: Right. Where every time I asked the DNA.  How did you feel after being treated by one of these subtle energy devices. I always get back the same answer. Pretty much the same answer that Greg just said. Ah I feel it in my heart.

Gregory: Really from the DNA?

Glen: Well it's a little bit from the DNA with a little bit of imagination.

Gregory: Thank you for joining us today and Blessings.

Glen: It’s been a pleasure. Thank you.

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