Glen Rein Scientist The Effects of Sacred Geometry Part 1

Glen Rein Scientist The Effects of Sacred Geometry Part 1

Hi! I'm Gregory Hoag. Here today with my good friend Dr. Glen Rein. He has a degree from the University of London and has done research at Harvard and Stanford in Biochemistry.

The interesting thing that brought us together, almost 25 years ago now, was when he was doing research to discover how consciousness had an effect on DNA. He was actually able to demonstrate that. He also did some research to discover if there were things going on with our geometric forms that affected the DNA in the body.

He's been doing a lot of research with water along the lines of what Dr. Emoto was doing. He was actually predating some of that work. Why don't you talk to us more about some of the interesting things that you've been doing?

Glen: Well my focus has been on studying the effects of different kinds of subtle energy on biological systems and water in general. My background may be in Biochemistry but I've been part of the Bio-electromagnetics community for many years. There they study the effects of only a special kind of electromagnetic field on biological systems.

I got interested and expanded beyond the electromagnetic domain into other forms of energy. They don't have to be electromagnetic. They could be sound, light and plasmas. Now we can use the term subtle energy to describe the energies. Which is why I am very fascinated and interested in working with Gregory and Metaforms.

Of all the geometric shapes and products out there, these really work. If I'm going to start going to the lab with one of these things, as a generator of subtle energy, I might as well pick one that really works. That's why we linked up after all these years.

Gregory: What were some of the things that you discovered when you were first working with some of the geometries that I had given you years ago?

Glen: Well in those days I was working with DNA. I was measuring the winding and unwinding of the two strands. Remember that the Helix is composed of two strands of DNA. They can unwind and wind as part of their natural function in the body. In those days we were working with the Aquarian Pyramid. Which really works, dude.

Gregory: I don't make them any more. I evolved that into a more relevant appropriate form. Which works better than the Aquarian Pyramid did. We just keep getting downloads from our guidance. That says if you want to improve things, but also don't just focus on DNA or water. What we focus on is what guidance gives us for raising consciousness. Actually it seems to make a difference in the things that you're studying as well.

Glen: The fact that the energy is targeting the mind, consciousness or subtle energies in the mind is interesting. Nowadays, I don't measure the winding and unwinding of DNA because that's a phenomena that occurs all the time. Both winds and unwinds occur in DNA as part of its normal healthy function. So you can't say that one is good or one is bad.

So the assay that I am working with is that I measure the electrical properties of DNA and water. The reason I'm doing that is, because when I was measuring winding and unwinding, I couldn't say if an energy is bad if it changes the unwinding or winding of DNA. So I was looking around for another assay that would allow me to distinguish between a beneficial effect and a harmful effect.

I also work with cell phone energies and other kinds of energy that are harmful. Not to demonstrate that they're harmful But to demonstrate that subtle energies can reverse the negative effects of these harmful energies.

So I developed a new method which has to do with measuring the electrical properties of DNA and water. That is to say the electrical conductivity. The way that I do it is kinda different than everybody else. So everybody else can't repeat my work and because it's the right way to do it.

For example when you buy a conductivity meter and you stick it in water you measure conductivity. Ok that's a number. That's a measurement. But the measurement was taken at an arbitrary frequency of about 2 kilohertz. Because the electrical engineers that design these things, said well we'll take a measurement at 2 kilohertz. But that's very arbitrary.

What you really need to do is to take a measurement at the resonance frequency of the target. So if I'm working with DNA it's one set of frequencies that can act as resonant frequency for that molecule. DNA and water have different sets of resonant frequencies.

If you tune the conductivity meter to take a measurement at one of those frequencies then you're really resonating with the system that you're measuring. You're able to measure and it becomes very sensitive. You’re able to measure the effects of subtle energies on the electrical properties of DNA and water. That's the new method that I've developed and used recently to test several of Greg's new devices.

Gregory: Okay. What were some of the things that you discovered when you were working with some of the new forms that I had given you? Which also by the way, are turning on a motor at a very particular speed. Because what we found is that when you take a geometry and you spin it. It increases energy flow and the interaction with the environment.

But also when you control that speed precisely with these motors, the new Causal Generator, what we have added to it is a particular frequency within the motor itself. So it's generating a frequency in the megahertz range. Which has a profound effect on the environment. So you were measuring certain aspects of the conductivity of water. As you were talking about.

Glen: That's an important distinction. The three dimensional geometry is spinning. In the old experiments it was stationary. I put the DNA in the center of the geometric pattern. Now I'm putting the water on top of the geometric pattern or on the side of the geometric pattern.

Because it's spinning it’s radiating a very special kind of subtle energy. The question is will this kind of energy effect water or DNA. I haven't done DNA experiments yet. But in terms of water It turns out that some geometries work better than others at resonating with water better and produce a larger effect.

The effect that I'm observing is to measure and demonstrate that the water has a higher conductivity. That means it conducts electricity better. It conducts electrons better. Believe it or not water flows through electrons and DNA. You can actually measure that with the electrodes in this modern technology called a conductivity meter.

In essence what we're measuring is not so much the amount of energy in the water after being treated with a subtle energy device. But the movement of energy in the water. The conductivity, the flow of the energy in the water as we talked about earlier.

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