TOPIC: How Sacred Geometry effects the Intersection Between Science and Spirituality

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Dr. Fred Grover is a well-recognized Board Certified Family Physician (FAAFP) who has been practicing medicine in Denver for 28 years. His additional board certifications in Integrative medicine (ABIHM) and Anti-Aging and Restorative Medicine (ABAARM) and expertise in Functional Medicine provide an opportunity for him to evaluate you much more broadly and with greater depth than traditional physicians.

His areas of expertise include Integrative and Functional Medicine, Primary Care Medicine with a Focus on Prevention, Anti-aging, Age Management & Restorative Medicine, Bio-identical Hormone Replacement & Hormone Restoration, among many others.

Dr. Grover's passion and expertise are aligned with his goal of helping you heal from the inside out, addressing the more complex underlying root causes of symptom or disease manifestation through these diverse integrative and regenerative therapies.

For more information on Fred, go to https://www.spiritualgenomics.com/



What's unique about The Divine Paradigm Symposium is that we’re giving voice to our personal inner dialogue. This is the highly intuitive and creative place that will pave the way forward.

You’ll hear the struggles that somebody you respect has gone through, which helps to unearth your own inner voice and build a personal pathway. This won’t be about coping. It will be an engagement into co-creating that will hit you deeply and inspire faith and creative possibilities.

You are being invited to be part of a community when you join us in this symposium.

We're going to explore the humanity and vulnerability of some of today’s greatest minds to better understand our own difficulties and recognize solutions not formally realized.

In order for a new paradigm to emerge during a time of crisis or breakdown, we will look at the breakdown neither as a problem nor an impediment. Instead, we embrace the breakdown as a blank canvas that teaches us that we hold all the possibilities, and that the Divine and our community are with us offering full support.

We will shed light on the opportunities that are available to each of us individually and collectively. This is a time of shared opportunity for growth and stepping up. In our vulnerability, each of us can find our place within this new paradigm.

Discover ways for more joy and fulfillment in your life

Connect with your Higher Self

Find the good and blessings in the face of challenges

Become more loving to yourself

Be present and in the moment to live a better life

Raise your frequency to prepare for the next level of humanity

Meet the 20 Thought Leaders Who Will Be Sharing Their Personal Techniques, Tips, and Tools in the Divine Paradigm Symposium

These leaders will share with you how they are handling this potent transition time to help you go deep and recognize the opportunities that are being presented to you during this time of transformation.

Janet Bray Attwood

How to Live Our Passions and Cultivate Self-Love in This Time of Change

Debra Poneman

When Success is Divinely Inspired

Daniel Gutierrez

You've Gotta Burn the Bridge

Prageet Harris & Julieanne Conard

Superconsciousness & The Stargate Experience

Gregory & Gail Hoag

Divine Paradigm Symposium Sacred Geometry Tools

Dr. Joe Vitale

The Divine Conspiracy: How to Live Magic & Miracles with a Simple Twist of Thinking

Natalie Ledwell

Why 2020 Could Have Been Your Best Year Yet

Lisa Barnett

Your Soul Has A Plan - It's Written in Your Akashic Record

Debra Giusti &
Scott Catamas

Supporting the Creation of the New Earth during these Transitionary Times

Lisa Witter

Karma Clearing Process

Dr. Margaret Paul

Healing Anxiety, Depression, Guilt, and Shame through Inner Bonding

Christine Day

The Pleiadian Perspective: Guidance and Tools to Take a Next Step into Your Enlightenment Process

Jan Stringer

The Magic of Sacred Synchronicity

Jonathan & Andi Goldman

How to Use Sound for Personal & Planetary Healing

Alan Steinfeld

Making Contact with Multidimensional Beings

Dr. Fred Grover

How Sacred Geometry effects the Intersection between Science & Spirituality

Gregory Hoag

Gregory Hoag, scientist, best selling author and artist, has researched Sacred Geometry and consciousness for 47 years. Following a major spiritual awakening (Kundalini) in 1982, he started creating energetic tools through Metaforms, that provide transformative tools to foster spiritual evolution and the expansion of Source. His land in the Colorado Rockies has numerous energy vortexes and strategically placed geometric forms for the purpose of activating the planetary grids and energizing some of the tools produced by Metaforms.

He is recognized as one of the leading experts on Sacred Geometric technologies for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

Gail Hoag

Gail Hoag is a health consultant, accomplished artist, spiritual advisor and businesswoman. Her study of light, color and energy in motion in her paintings, launched a deep understanding for creating transformative fields to expand consciousness. Developing her intuitive gifts as an artist, healer and spiritual counselor, she has assisted many people to embrace life more fully. Gail has also served as a business consultant and team building trainer in corporations.

Gail was an avid student of R. Buckminster Fuller and knew the intrinsic value of sacred geometry when she and Gregory met in 1985 and founded Metaforms, realizing their life’s mission to bring sacred geometric energy tools to the world.

Disclaimer: Gregory and Gail Hoag and Metaforms present the entire content of the program for educational purposes only. The information provided by the hosts and/or their guests is not intended to diagnose or prescribe medical or psychological conditions nor to claim to prevent, treat, mitigate, or cure such conditions. The information contained in the program is not intended to replace a one-on-one relationship with a doctor or mental health professional.

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