Fake News Part 2

Fake News Part 2

I think we're going to say the same things again and in a little different way. So that we can really get it across. What's happening is so many people are at odds today. There are these guys against those guys. The Democrats against the Republicans. This nationality against that nationality. What's happening is when people are pitted against each other, when fear is brought into the equation repeatedly, it weakens us as human beings.

We can't move forward with a higher purpose if we are coming from fear. There are beings that are working with fear and are trying to gather more money on the planet. Trying to gather more control. They use that fear to disempower others. But again you have to look at what's true for me. I'm in this play just so that I can grow and learn. It's a time to be able to discern what we really are attracted to. What works in this world? What feels good in this world? What doesn't? When we make those decisions on what doesn't work and what does work it's important to move toward what does work for us.

If we're working from that higher perspective it's more inclusive of everything and everyone's needs. Then we're coming from a place of love. Then we're coming from a place that is truly connecting us at the heart center. That's the source of our energy. The source of our being. The source of our knowledge. The source of everything inside of us. That source of love is wanting to expand in this dimension and to work through us.

That's our opportunity right now. To discern what we feel is really motivating us to bring more love and Consciousness into the world. Then to find ways to be of service doing that. You know the first level of service is to ourselves to survive. But that's a low level of purpose and understanding. Not one that we need to disregard because we do need to survive. But once we have that down, we can move to a higher level of being of service to others, then move still higher in being of service to grow Consciousness and love on the planet.

Because we are at a time of great transformation, a time that's been foretold for eon's. When there is transformation afoot. We are part of those beings that are starting to recognize that we have this opportunity to grow. We have this opportunity to transform. The Earth is going through her dance. She is transforming. Her rising vibration is wanting to pull us along. It's part of the whole dynamic that's created the fake news to begin with. In this time of turmoil and change, all kinds of stuff is coming up. We're being forced into situations where we're being asked to choose. What are we going to choose?

This is an amazing time where the veils are being lifted. What happens when veils are lifted? You see what's behind it. You see the the dirt, what has decayed and what doesn't work anymore. So it is an opportunity to look at that and say “Yes. We can see this now.” So now we can take positive action. We can do something to bring greater love into this Realm and beautiful physical Dimension our souls have brought life into. So it's a good thing.

It's a really valuable lesson time for each and everyone of us to value the difficulties. See them as separation which is calling for us to learn how to bring unity and compassion, love and service into the equation. Our Communities, World, Consciousness and Humanity is not used to it. We expect to see a very strong reaction in the opposite. Oh No! This isn't safe. I'm not going to be able to survive in a good way, if I open myself up to all these other options. So it's scary. It's disturbing to the fabric of what has been in force. That is all that it is.

It's not good or bad. It's not fake or real. It's not truth or lie. It's not evil or divine. It is an opportunity for evolution in and of itself.  The soul is here to bring greater love, light, expression of goodness and unity, into this equation. So as difficult as it is at times, it's important to come back into the center of our being, that core. Remember what we're here for. Remember the higher purpose. Choose actions, not reactions. Choose to be a creative vehicle in this  expression. See it from eyes that have had those blinkers lifted and are a little overwhelmed with the brightness. Instead sit with it, be with it, then allow yourself to come from a perspective of love and evolving consciousness.

It's important to bring in at this point another example of how we have been shunted into disbelief and into darkness. The Greek word for lifting of the veils is Apocalypse. What has been brought into our Consciousness is that we are to fear seeing this change, the lifting of the veils, truth and the world for what it is, being able to bring a higher light in to illuminate the situation. This time is to be able to truly make the difference that we have been given the opportunity to make.

The importance of this time in our lives is that we can make a difference. Everything can be understood as an opportunity. So rather than get worried by the bad guys or think there are bad guys or good guys, see it all as a play. It is here to help us grow and give us the opportunity to make a major difference because we're recognizing it. We're recognizing that it is a play. We can't get hurt. We're immortal beings living in a body that is meant to bring true love and Consciousness. That's what's going on right now, easier and more graciously, filled with more grace than ever before. It is a time of grace.

Thank You and Blessings.

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