Fake News Part 1

Fake News Part 1

Hi! I'm Gail Hoag and I'm here today with my husband Gregory.

There's been a lot going on in the news these days that I found to be rather disturbing. There were stories about the immigrants and separation of children from their families. It was highly distressing.

A question coming up right now, because in the news there's also so much about something called fake news. What is fake? Sometimes it's very difficult to determine what is what. So Greg and I started to have some conversations about that so we could share with you what we believe is a better way of how to determine what is more in line with truth.

I make the distinction that the 't' is not a capital T. It's truth from a perspective of where we're at in the moment, because everything is constantly changing. We live in a universe where everything is always moving. Where we are in relationship to everything else determines how we see things, how we respond, and what we choose to create. So it's very interesting to take this into depth and look at how can we choose to respond? Not just from a place of what we're feeling in the moment. What works with our survival instincts? Instead what we know from a higher level of Who We Are.

That really means we're asking ourselves to take that breath to come back into the center, to look at what we can see from a Higher Realm or from the eagle view of greater perspective. It's so important to go over this a few times, this sense of relativity. We're multi-dimensional beings. In this Dimension, the third Dimension, truth doesn't exist with a capital T. It's always relative. It's relative to my understanding. Relative to what I need. Relative to who I am in my life path. So it is for all of us.

What is fake to one person is true to another. So it switches back and forth between one thing and another for all of us. But this gets to be very confusing. This gets to be a very painful situation. We don't want to throw it all up into the air and say "Okay, there's nothing I can do it's all fake anyway."  

What we really need to do is come back to the center. The core of our being. If there's any place that’s stable in our lives, it's that core part of our being. That part that is through our Heart Center and aligns with our Higher Self. Our Higher Self is much more than this physical personality. What I mean is it shows you fourth, fifth and sixth Higher Dimensional perspectives, which are more inclusive of this reality. So if we want to find out what's going on here in our lives, we have to start looking at things from the bigger part of ourselves. The little part is always going to get personally involved.

I remember a saying that one of the problems of being a human being is we get so involved in this character. We take ourselves much too personally. If you move to a higher level of understanding, if you're able to, move to a place where you can look down at yourself and see what's motivating you? What's driving you? What’s affecting you and your life? Then perhaps you can have a clear understanding of what fake news is going on. It's always going to be fake to someone. But the point again is how is it affecting you? How are you going to work with it? How do you discern what to go to next in your life? It really is interesting.

I was thinking about how all life is wired with purpose, whether it's in the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom or as a human being. Everything seems to be connected with purpose. In the animal kingdom, animal instincts are directed by needs for survival. We  also take that on as human beings. However we can raise to that next level of Who We Are and go beyond pure survival. We start looking at purpose in terms of how we express love,  how do we bring higher Consciousness into our lives, into our communities, onto the planet. Then we're dealing with a whole different level of opportunities and evolution.

We are totally creative beings. Yet the way that we've been raised, much of that creativity has been stamped out of us. Unfortunately when the creativity is lessened or deadened we become followers. We become individuals that are just capable of doing what they're told, responding in ways that higher powers want them to respond. So unfortunately our educational system has tended to take that creativity and make it something that's harder to get to. So when we get back to looking at and recognizing that our being is here in a creative and dynamic level, then our choices shift.

It means that what we're being told is not necessarily what we're here to follow. We are capable of analyzing, of having a sense of using our intuition, our higher values, morals, ethics and purpose to be more of the deciding factor than what somebody else says or what the so-called law or authority seems to dictate.

That takes us to a place of being able to say my higher purpose is about bringing more love into my life and the lives of others. My higher purpose is about greater compassion, caring and service for the good of all. Then I will begin to read all of the events that I see around me in a very different way, where I can be inclusive of the Higher Dimensions, the higher capabilities of who I am as a human being.

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