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Your 2 Audios are below to download and use over and over again!

These audios have been specially recorded with our Source Bridge technology and Advanced We.Connect Healing System, you will be bathed in sacred geometric frequencies that open you to a deeper energetic experience and alignment. Listen and download below image...

Alleviating Addictions

This FREE guided meditation will lead you through a process to dissolve energy patterns that are involved with addictions of any kind. Consciously alleviate the effects of an addiction you are grappling with now.

Let Soul Be Your Auto Pilot

All of us are working on raising awareness and consciousness. Yet much of our waking experience is run by our auto pilot settings and some of those habitual responses are not always sending the highest directions to our mind, emotions and body.

Wouldn’t you like to raise your internal settings to incorporate greater direction from the higher aspects of who you are and be able to send messages of love and health both internally and externally? 

The Advanced We.Connect Healing System is shown above. The Causal Generator turns in the center with particular Sacred Geometry Forms. There are 3 other Advanced We.Connects that are aligned with this program to turn on and off at specific intervals spinning at a frequency that supports the rejuvenation process. The Sacred Geometries shown are Metatron's Cube, Unity Grid, Stellated Earth Grid, Cosmic Egg, Sphere of Health and Merkaba of Oneness.



Activation One - Upgrade your connection to higher frequencies to support your health, vitality and well-being.
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Activation Two - Connect through the heart and overcome the effects of stress.  
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