Evolving Through
 Sacred Geometry 1  
8-Session Program

Recorded with a live Zoom audience 

Gregory and Gail Hoag, leading experts on Sacred Geometry, bring you a powerful program to share advanced knowledge about their breakthrough technology and how to put it to work to transform your life.

The new 5G Soulution

At this time on our planet, our ordinary lives have changed dramatically, and we have been given the time to reflect, release, and choose a new range of possibilities. We are finding solutions and the keys to happiness not from outside ourselves, but within the inner landscape.

We have entered a new world where our logical minds are not yet equipped to give us the answers to move forward. A new structure is coming, even though we may not fully see or comprehend it at the moment.

Within our heart and soul, answers are waiting to be uncovered, so that we can create ourselves and the world anew.

For over 35 years, Gregory and Gail have been developing Sacred Geometry technologies to bridge the physical and spiritual worlds. With the connections facilitated through their technology, we can become more fully human, utilizing more of the Divine energy of creation to access greater wisdom and creativity. 

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Join Gregory and Gail for this
8-session program and learn to utilize
Sacred Geometry to enhance your life at the special rate of ONLY $47!

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Recorded on Zoom with a live audience, these sessions offer over 10 hours of content that include:

  •  The importance of Sacred Geometry in relationship to our spiritual growth and our multi-dimensional evolution.
  • The harmonic resonance between number - angle - form - sound and light.  How this understanding was carried forward from ancient times.
  • How the patterns and resonance of energy is constantly seeking unity. 
  • The geometric progression of energy into matter. How Universe always moves toward balance and symmetry.
  • The power of expanding to our multidimensional self using 3D Sacred Geometry and the limitations posed by reliance on 2D information. 
  • The geometry of the 3D Metatron's Cube showing up throughout our Universe and harmonics of our Sun and light.
  • Why geometry is the doorway to expanding consciousness and the importance of consistently walking through it.
  • The importance of creating our personal reality through resonance, showing relationships between the Earth, Moon and Sphere of Health geometry. 

Watch this 8-session program at your leisure and expand your understanding of Sacred Geometry for greater clarity  to evolve your  life.  Strengthen your spiritual muscle and develop the resources you can depend upon for the good of all.


People are saying...

“You both are such wonderful people, and your love and light emanate from both of you and in every word you share! Although I had already been living with a strong connection to Source and in the flow of Abundance for many years, I really appreciated listening to you both, your insights and gentle way of expressing yourselves.

Living love the best I could has been my spiritual path for 45 years. And I have trusted my intuition and wisdom for many years now. I welcome these challenging times of change that COVID-19 has brought to the forefront! It feels wonderful to know that Consciousness is shifting and moving within people and world systems so that new ones can arise! I'm just filled with so much love for the process and sending light and love to the world and all life!

So, I am now focused on using the Sacred Geometry to assist me and my family to continue to grow and be able to undo the effects of toxins and mass consciousness all around us!

Thank you Gregory and Gail for your commitment to love and compassion and to being open to receive the guidance to make these tools, as well as the stamina and time needed to develop them! What gifts to the world!!"


I have learned so much this month yet I need to watch the replays again to absorb even more hearing the information again - the numerical meaning of the relationship between everything in the Universe, how space and time inter-relate, how the energy impacts not only each of us as individuals but for much, much more in our world- and the Universe!


I enjoy hearing & learning from you guys and love what you are all about. You are such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom. And love your Youtube channel. Looking forward to receiving the Heart Companion!

Thank you"


I loved the way you both presented, very much in sync with each other - Gregory, your vast well of knowledge and brilliant presentation and Gail, your masterful approach to recreating some complex (for me) pieces of info into layman’s terms so I could internalize the value with out having to think too hard

Loved the program and enjoyed the knowledge."


Thank you for showing us evidence that if we look deeper and explore sacred geometry there is order, wisdom and intelligence in the universe. It personally gave me comfort in this somewhat chaotic appearing time. I loved hearing you both talk of metaphysical stuff as well." 


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