Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 4

Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 4

I have had interactions with Millennials.  One of the things that I find very interesting is that so many of them have tattoos. The tattoos are really quite beautiful. They are expressions of unity and love.

They are a way to have something imprinted on their body that reminds them and other people that they are wanting to show another sense of beauty.

We recently met a young man who had this absolutely beautiful sacred geometry tattoo, it was like a Lotus Flower, on his chest. It was lovely and he had no idea when he went in to get a tattoo what he was going to get.

It was almost like he allowed the universe and the creative flow to bring something quite beautiful into fruition. It shifted his life. He is now really working to become that expression of beauty it reminds him of and that's absolutely lovely.

When I was growing up I would talk about the things that I thought were valuable. My parents would basically say “Well that's good and fine but you need to get a job. You need to be practical, and have a way to fit into society.”

As a parent I did something very different. Greg and I have told  our children to find what it is that you love and bring your gifts forward and do it. That is so much of what is going on now.

Now we are here to see the fruits of that, to be able to welcome their brilliance. To welcome what it is that they can teach us and how together we can transform the world. What we know from everything that we've been through is that the most powerful thing that we can do is to create.

The connections that allow us to have more of a sensitive loving, compassionate, heart centered and soul based consciousness, the more we collaborate, work together and listen with our heart, listen with our full being, then this old structure can continue to go through its evolutionary phase of disintegration and be able to open up to allow the new to come forward.

We don't necessarily know specifically what it looks like or what the outcome will be. But instead we can trust that together this can happen.

The Millennials hold a powerful key. They have a beautiful voice in all this. It's really a wonderful experience to allow, welcome, to be empowered and to support the empowerment of all individuals to come forward with what their truth is.

Earlier when I spoke about the brain shifting, that's a reflection of what's going on in the higher levels. There are so many things happening in the shifting of the dimensional realms that is showing up here in the form of technology.

Over a hundred years ago light bulbs were first brought into this dimension. We had so much technology start coming in with the electric motors, listening to radio and watching TV. All these things started happening.

Another arrow that's been shot at the Millennials is that they are caught up in technology. But the technology that they're caught up in have pluses and minuses like everything in this dimension. That's because we’re in a dimension of duality.

When used properly one of the things that technology is doing, is it’s connecting everyone. Everyone is feeling that their personality is part of the larger personality, their communication is indeed communicating with multiple people simultaneously.

There are aspects of telepathy that are being put there in front of us, proceeding the telepathic aspects of our being coming into full play. There are aspects of connection that are going on with this technology that's happening in a worldwide way, where we understand what people are doing in their lives. What's happening to them all over the world.

There's an empathy that is often developed if we allow ourselves to move in that direction of feeling and not let the technology cut off feelings. So that's one of the plus sides that many of the Millennials are working with.

They also have been accused of being very narcissistic. But in truth we all have to begin with ourselves and connect with ourselves to open up to the bigger part of ourselves, so that we can discover that we are a We.

We are not simply in isolation, separate from everything, but it begins with that perceived inward journey that receives self-reflection that sometimes perceived narcissism. If it stays there without blossoming up and outwards it could remain perhaps a negative thing.

But ultimately for many, what's happening is, they then see that they're only purpose in life is to be of service to all. Many of the Millennials have been accused of wanting to make an impact in the world. Wanting to make a difference, wanting to be part of the whole and so here we are today coming together.

Feeling how much we have in common with the Millennials, how much we love seeing the consciousness being opened up within another generation of human beings. They are going to be able to take us further into our joy, love, consciousness as human beings and our ability to be able to express ourselves fully.

That's what it's about, having a loving, joyful, empowered, creative life where we can allow these amazing souls, that we are, to shine, contribute and radiate in their unique way. It doesn't need to be like everyone else. It doesn't need to be the way that someone told you it should be.

You are valuable the way that you are. Even though the struggles are there, they teach you how to be more focused and clear about your gifts. That is worth everything.

So when you feel that you don't fit in, whatever generation that you are, that is a true feeling. That is something to acknowledge. Rather than feeling worthless because of that, instead let it be your cue to find your worth. Find your seat of joy and brilliance. Express yourself and be a real contributor in a powerful way. Each being together in their own unique and wonderful way.

So Thank You. Thank You for joining us today. Blessings.

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