Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 3

Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 3

This is what’s happening to the Millennials, they're recognizing that things are off. They take that personally. I don't think the self-esteem is an issue because they can't fit in. They don't want to fit in.

What’s trying to make them fit in? The Forbes, pundits that are saying “Oh, these young people they want purpose. Ha Ha! They want to make an impact. Well, guess what, when you fit into your cubicle you aren't going to have that opportunity anymore.” That's why the Millennials have been walking out of their cubicles and saying screw you!

I don't want to go into a cubicle. There's got to be a way of transforming this world. I want to really recognize that at the essence of what the Millennials are feeling is that fire of transformation that burned within us during the 60’s.

We took it to a revolutionary state. We went out and we marched and we made things shift that way. We put flowers into gun barrels. People were shot and killed in the marches. It totally catalyzed the 60’s generation and the world started transforming.

Gay’s, senior’s, women's, human’s, black’s rights and all people of different persuasions and their rights started coming up over the government's right to send us to war, to tell us what to do.

Now it's got to go deeper. Just as I think Michael Moore was showing in the most recent movie that he did that we have the belief that for many of us who dislike Trump and feel that Mueller is going to be our salvation, he said think again. That's not going to work. For those of you who feel that Trump is doing a job that you care for, you're happy not to have Hillary. Well if we'd had Hillary, those of us who watched her would have been disappointed.

It doesn't serve the system to help any of us. What it really comes down to is human beings individually must be empowered and find that strength within themselves. That's what is starting to happen today with a reformed Democratic party, a reform political system, where people are being empowered from within to make a difference for their neighbors and themselves in the way we are getting jobs, educated, Health Care. All the things that need to be addressed that are not truly being addressed in the system today are coming up.

I believe the Millennials have that potential to take us past both sides of the Republicans and the Democrats and past that kind of political system into something that truly works. Past those that are in real power through their financial control. Those that are manipulating the world past what their understanding is of what we need and what they need and it's us moving into our power from the inside out. That's what it really comes down to.

It comes down to each of us finding that connection to higher self, to soul within us. Finding the truth that is being expressed from that point of understanding that's inclusive of everyone and everything because that's what's going to transform this world and allow us to grow spiritually.

Spiritual growth is the true evolution of where we're going. It's not that we're having shifts over millennia according to Darwin’s outdated system of survival of the fittest. It's really about cooperation and that's what we’re fine is going on with humans in their consciousness  and it can transfer to other generations rapidly.

As Gregory was talking I was remembering a time in the late 60s I had gone to an anti-war march in Washington DC at the Pentagon. We were voicing our disapproval of the war in Vietnam. Our very powerful desire to see peace. I was up towards the front and what was just shocking was watching young women place flowers into the rifle barrel that had a bayonette on it. It was such an amazing message because we didn't want to fight them.

We understood that we weren't just on two different sides. We wanted to find a bridge or to create a mechanism, so that we could all be living in a peaceful world. We could all be more empowered and not be the pawns of some other systems that sent people off to war with all of the people that died, who had diseases, PTSD and all kinds of things afterwards that are off shoots from that.

It was very potent to be a part of that. Then to come back and recognize what is it that we really wanted.  I found out personally, my journey took me to another place. I was involved with a lot of different people and organizations. I realized that until we reflected on ourselves and until we could become truly empowered people but not in a a way of being angry, but in a way of understanding.

That's not to say that the anger didn't propel us forward and it wasn't a totally negative thing but it had to be met with compassion and understanding. It had to also drive me personally on a spiritual journey to find out what really is important. What are the ethics and the morality that I want to bring here? How do I want to conduct my life and be a part of participating in the world in a way that is soul centered, that has a greater sense of real compassion and quality of understanding? How do we learn to live through the heart?

So that was my personal journey. It took me through quite a lot and that really is why I'm doing what I'm doing now. I got to understand it through art and through the work that we've been doing for 33 plus years, incorporating how sacred geometry is a way and a tool to support people to have connections. The connections that enable them to disengage with those systems and to be able to see a greater perspective, to contribute to the rebuilding and the reframing of what we have here.

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3 years ago

Good article. I will be going through a few of these issues as well.. Agnella Maurie Penthea Jody Leonhard Parcel

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