Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 1

Do Millennial’s Hold a Key to Transformation Part 1

Hi! This is Gail Hoag. I'm here today with my husband Gregory. What we want to share with you are some conversations about Millennials, how they're really different from a lot of other generations and how we relate to that.

Gregory and I grew up in the 60's. We were the flower children or the hippies who looked at the world and thought, "this isn't the way that I want to continue. I don't fit into this mold. I'm not quite sure what it is that I want but I can see that there are injustices that just don't work".

When I was 18 and off at college, issues that were real hot at that time were about women's rights. We can relate and see where we're at with that now. We had serious issues around war and the war in Vietnam. We had concerns about what's going on in our relationship with other parts of the world.

We had major issues about racism. How people of different nationalities, people of color were being mistreated and were not being given the same kinds of opportunities as white people in this country.

As a result back then I was more focused on the issues than what I was studying in college. I was very deeply disturbed by what my future looked like. I wanted something different. I wanted to be an empowered and creative human being. I wanted to make a contribution in a way that was different than just getting a job and fitting into a particular mold that a college education was preparing us for.

The job market was really different. Things were changing. Our parents' generation had jobs for life. That certainly wasn't true anymore. There were so many different things changing.

I think there's a real correlation and similarity between what is happening now with a lot of Millennials and what we experienced. What have we learned from it all?

We want to talk a little about some of the issues that we see. Then about ways that Sacred Geometry and Consciousness can contribute to the quality of life for people including and especially the Millennials.

The Millennials are moving us further into our spiritual evolution. This is what I mean. A few years ago I was at an ARISE Festival. This is a festival we have here in Colorado. A lot of young Millennials were there. While I was there I bumped into an old friend, Rennie Davis. Some of you older people may remember. Rennie Davis was part of the Chicago Seven.

There was a whole uprising of the 60's generation on what was going on in Chicago during an election. There was a lot of mistreatment. There was a protest that turned violent. He was one of the people that was arrested that had spoken.

In 1968 thousands of students were protesting the continuing Vietnam War outside the Democratic convention in Chicago. The police overreacted violently and seven student leaders were put on trial for their part in the riots, including Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin and Rennie Davis. I met Rennie a few years later when we both became followers of the same Guru and spiritual practice.

What he told me at this ARISE Festival is “This is very interesting. These young people are as dedicated to purpose and making a change as we were back in the 60’s. There's some energy here, where things are wanting to transform. Things are wanting to shift in their world.”

I want to take a little bit of an oblique sojourn into some interesting facts. One is that science has been showing that the human brain, in the last 100 years, has been expanding in the skull. It has increased 10% in only a 100 years. People's brains have been getting larger. That's the amount of brain capacity of something the size of my fist, which is a reflection of something going on energetically on higher levels. What's happening here in the physical, is a reflection of shifts happening in the totality of who we are. We're multi-dimensional beings. So only 10% of our being is here. That's the part that we're starting to see shift.

Something else that happened in another study is that we're seeing that IQ's have been steadily going up. A person a 100 years ago who would have been considered very intelligent in getting a score of 100 to 120. Today wouldn't even be able to break that bar because IQ levels have been going up.

That means something is happening in our consciousness, that it’s expanding. We are seeing it reflected in each generation that's coming in. What we are seeing, in essence, with the Millennials is an increased sense of connection to the bigger part of themselves.

This is being evidenced in the workplace. Where they are being accused of wanting to work for a purpose. Wanting to work in a way that they make an impact. They're being derided by some for this.

That is really the essence of what's going on with the spiritual development in the world right now, with more human beings, especially with the younger ones coming up. It's this sense that we are part of something larger. We are part of a whole. We're working for a Unity Consciousness. We're working to serve the whole because we recognize that. Just as I have certain things of value to do in this world. Every single person sees another aspect of me. Like my left hand versus my right hand needs to start recognizing that we're in this together, that we have a way of working together, where we can make a difference in the quality of our lives. The quality is more physical quality.

The quality is really an emotional, spiritual quality that we're looking to build. Consequently what's happening is we are starting to watch the beings coming into incarnation right now.

Another aspect that's rather curious that I've noticed and brought up a number of times is that there seems to be an increased remembering of past lives. One way we're watching this evidence itself, is that there are men remembering that they were women. Feeling that this is their real rightful expression. There are women remembering that they were men, feeling that this is how they have to express themselves, even though they have a woman's body.

There are more people coming up now who feel transgender or androgynous. They've been so many times male, so many times female that right now I can relate to both. It's all part of their context. This is happening more and more. I believe part of the reason is that we are moving to the bigger part of ourselves that is more inclusive. So these are some of the aspects that we're finding very interesting in today's world.

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