Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 4

Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 4

Gregory: The other day we were watching someone go through something and he seemed to be in reaction to something that he didn't believe in and wanted to separate himself from. There was a sense of fear he was experiencing. When you are on this journey and you have connected to that place inside, you are so well taken care of. You are so well-fused.

How do you kill a rock? You can only break it into more rocks. Then there's more rocks! Do you think the rock minds being multiplied? How do you kill a human being? In this life we see that happening. We know that's not an appropriate way for one consciousness to treat another consciousness.

When you're in this realm of connection to higher self, there's no fear because you know you're totally taken care of. It may involve you discerning when to walk around the corner and when not to walk around the corner. So you need to listen to your higher self speaking to you.

That's just part of the play, learning discernment, how to choose and choosing again repeatedly. This isn't an easy automatic process. First you're there, then you put on one of these tools and zap. You're now a new human being. It's a process of shedding the old and accepting the new. Allowing the light to come through you.

Because even though you say that you're a receptacle, that you are a doorway for love to open into this world., you still have to choose moment by moment. When this person in front of me is doing something I don't care for, what's my response? How do I work with love, so it comes into this world in a way that is appropriate? You can't figure it out but you can allow yourself to be used. Then you allow that light to come through you.

When it's coming through you, you realize that all you are is light. No one can kill the light. You know that a shadow is just the absence of light. That's the game, the trick, the word play of shadow. It's not like it's a presence in and of itself. It's just where light has moved away. So always make sure you keep standing in the light.

You allow the light to come through you. You work and meditate to open up yourself to how you can be of service today. You allow the light to work through you. Then the darkness never shows up. I've had very little confrontation with negativity. I have chosen to not allow it to be part of my life. I live with all the strangeness going on in the world and in the United States.

By focusing on what's real. It's not what's out here. It's not your belief. No matter who you believe God to be. If we have 7 billion people we’re going to have 10 billion different ideas of what God is. When we leave this life, we're all going to be surprised because God is infinite. You can not conceptualize infinite in the finite.

Let go of all this stuff. You've got it all wrong. You can't do it right. Only spirit and higher self can do it right. That's something you can discover when you open to being a puppet of the light and love. Also the right arm of unity.

Stepping into the world with an openness and a fearlessness because there's nothing to fear. You're going to keep going forever. The more you move into that love and unity now, the more you'll be infused with it, lifetime after lifetime. Wherever that lifetime is, in this dimension, the next or in higher dimensions.

It's all a movement toward being of service toward unity. Allowing more love to express itself through you. In that state you have the ability to outweigh thousands and potentially millions of chaotic souls who are caught up in fear and caught up in their 3D physicalness. The light of Truth has more weight and more ability to transform then all the other stuff on this planet rolled into one dense little pea.

Jeff: I want to remind you about how we talked about the law of acceleration, this great wind and vibratory flow that's coming in. We also talked about tossing up your spiritual antenna if you will. Then just holding on.

We actually have tools now that can accelerate your capacity to connect. Tools like the I-Connect and Metatron’s Cube. There's no coincidences in this little game that we are taken in as we start to play with some of these forms.

I will be bringing some forms back to use in class. We were playing with the Merkaba of Oneness the other day. It is a very powerful instrument. It will be in the Lamisary. I'll be bringing it down to Scottsdale as well as to Denver.

Then we've got the Unity Grid which again is part of the C60 that we've been chatting about. We've been using the Geodesic Dome to change the very constituency of our body. There's a whole bunch of wonderful things happening.

I cannot thank Gregory and Gail enough for the life they have lived in service and pursuing something of a higher calling. Which we're all very fortunate to have. It's extraordinary.

Gail: It's our joy and purpose. Everyday we look and see that we live in a beautiful surrounding with nature. We are so blessed. We get up and we say to ourselves what can we do today? What is our service today? All kinds of wonderful things show up.

It's something that I think everyone is going to be more tuned into the aspect of taking each moment to look at what is the service? What are the gifts that you have to give? We are supported through those connections,.

Without really being fully connected to all of who we are, into the higher aspects of what life is about, then we can only reflect a very tiny part of what we think life is about. What drives us is getting those frequencies, tools and inspiration out to people to be able to step into the cloth of who you truly are and the light of who you are.

Knowing that our environment makes a difference. The tools we have that connect us makes a difference. Our community makes a difference. Then we can be expressive of the light of the soul. And that is the mission for each of us.

Jeff: Thank you so much for the opportunity to collaborate and for the service that you do. For interacting with the class like this. It's just great. We are very grateful. Thank you all for paying attention and listening. We are truly blessed. We'll be having some of this stuff back at the Lamisary. What's your website?

Gail: It is www.iconnect2all.com.

Jeff: Lovely. Thank you very much guys.

Gregory: Thank you for being part of this whole play. You drew this out of us with your desire, need and love. Thank you.

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