Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 3

Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 3

Gregory: I was thinking about the fact that before doing this video taping today we tried to come up with questions and how we were going to script it. Then we realized we all have to be here together, because this whole process is so alive.

Every aspect of our life is so alive. Sometimes every day is a surprise. Every day is an adventure. That's the nature of being in your heart center and just coming from your beingness. It isn't something you have to think about or you have to program. It's just the natural way of being.

We are working with movement towards experiencing unity. We often speak to the fact that we're all one, there's only one body. Obviously those are pretty empty words from most of humanity because we don't experience a connection. I don't feel like you're my right arm or another one of you is my left arm and that we’re all a part of the same body.

That's what this nature of moving to the higher perspectives is all about. It's moving us into the sense of connection and unity where there’s nothing holding us together other than that love that’s at the core of everything. It's the gravitational glue of the universe. Our excitement is to discover that we’re a part of that. But as one wise Sage once said, when the drop merges into the ocean the drop also discovers that the ocean merges into the drop.

This is the potential for your unfettered wisdom, as Jeff talks about, is your genius. This is your genius. It's not really yours. You can display it but it's only because you have melded into the genius of all that is. You have allowed the ocean to flow through your heart into this realm and shift this realm with that love, tremendous guidance and service.

In this state of being you find there's nothing else that you want to do except to be of service. What does the left-hand want to do but be able to serve the right hand. So you can pick something up and form something together. You can't form with one hand. You need another and that's what we’re doing in this world.

We are finding each other to be parts of the whole, so that we can create and co-create together. It's not just co-creating with God. It’s not look at me I'm doing this with God. No! You are God. I am God. We are doing this together. God is manifesting in the Third Dimension, expanding into physicality.

This level of density needs lightening up. It needs to have that space of love brought in so things will change. It's a time of change. That's why there is this darkness coming up right now. Because the light is getting brighter.

Consequently it's our opportunity to choose. That's another reason for working with these tools, to go into these higher places of understanding, so you can have the discernment to know what is right for me to follow. What should I not follow., maybe it's right for another being.

It's up to you to choose, what is going to be of service for the whole? What is going to bring in love for the whole? What is going to be right for growth of unity and love? That's where we are moving. You have the opportunity to be part of that play.

That's the excitement of this time. We're discovering each other. We're not warring factions hiding out in our own little kingdoms, but we're coming together to make a difference. That's why we're here today.

Jeff: I'm speechless. I have gained so much. Part of this whole gig that we've been playing with the last three days is there are so many congruous thoughts that we're going through. We're talking about the mission. The mission of Retooling. The mission of of Soul Infused Personality. Which is what DB talks about.

There is a whole purpose to this quest into the unknown. This isn't unknown in the higher Realms. It's only unknown in the lower Realms. It's our lower vehicles that get kind of mucked up and in the way.

As we cleanse and purify them, we become perfect instruments in the hand of the higher Realms, of the our higher body. We call this the Causal Body in the in the Lamasery. DK talks about that. So does TP.

So this is a really fun time. In the same time there's some dark stuff going on too. But that's okay. It's all part of the Divine Design.

To find like-minded individuals we're going to have an open house in Denver shortly. We're also having one in Scottsdale as well. Then come back to Calgary and do it again in Calgary.

We have the opportunity to share some of this stuff and change the world. That's part and parcel of what we're here for, is to express the genius that we all have, in a way that's unfettered by the lower. Allowing the the soul to flow through the personality unfettered.

Gail: What a fun time. It sounds like Oh! what a big mission. It is a mission that has incredible joy and ecstasy attached to it. When we're on target and purpose we can see that space coming through the heart. Then we know each person at that magnificent genius-level of who they are and who we are. That is an extraordinary expression. That to me is beauty and ecstasy.

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