Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 2

Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 2

Gregory: We call them tools because it’s like a hammer that you might use to build a house. You wouldn't want to try to build the house without the hammer. But when you're done, you built the house not the hammer. So these are tools that literally open a doorway, create a pathway to higher vibrational realms.

They are not simple at all in their construction. It's taken us many years to divine all the different aspects that go into the things that we build. There are different antenna systems, mineral mixtures and chemicals that we work with. There are actual frequency generators inside each one of these pieces that vibrates at certain very high vibrational rates. All of this is combined with the patterns you see on the surface.

I was explaining to Jeff the other day that when you have a form like Metatron's Cube, which is able to access higher dimensional realms, if you try to do this with a 2D picture you run into some difficulty. What we found is that by taking essentially a snapshot from the point which is one view, then you take an edge view and a face view, then you have three different geometries. When you combine them in a circle, on a non conductive background, we work with conductive material, like copper and gold in our pendants, what happens is you're able to create a three dimensional analog in 2D that will pick up on higher dimensional energies.

When Gail was talking about the heart, many of you've heard stories about what Heart Math is doing. They are able to measure the field of the heart. They find that it's generating a very large electromagnetic field.

The heart is not the source, when we say “Come from the heart.” We're really supposed to be using a different preposition which would be, “Come through the heart” instead. Because your consciousness is located not in your brain or heart, but in this vast field that is part of the universal field all around us. That's the higher part - the 98% of you that's unseen. Just like the unseen part of the iceberg. So that's the part we refer to as Soul, when it moves to the very highest vibrational levels at the level of creation. So when you are operating from that perspective you can come through the heart into your brain. Operate your brain into your body. 

You're able to look at it as if you were up on the edge of a valley looking down into that valley from the mountaintop. You can see where you're going more clearly. You can discern the problems ahead more quickly. You can let go of things more easily because you don't take them so personally.

Because you're here in that body. You know this character that's flapping around here in this dimension is just your puppet. It's not a real character. It's going to die one of these days. But you will keep on living as that real you that needs to start to connect to this personality now! In this lifetime. If you're connecting in this lifetime you will be able to hold that field into future lives, other lives which make a difference in the world right now for the good of all.

Jeff: So you remember this in class as the soul infused personality. I mean we clearly haven't done it as eloquent as Gregory just did it. That's the kind of stuff where you start to realize your brilliance and power. If you had any idea how brilliant you were, you would bow at your own feet. The process part of this whole game plan is to wake people up to the brilliance of who and what they are.

Now Gail, Gregory and I did a meditation yesterday using a whole bunch of of the tools. That was very profound. We're seeing if we can collaborate on how we can next do it for you in the Lamasery. There's the majesty of this stuff, the heightened awareness. Literally as Gregory just pointed out. There's a brilliance that we barely scratched the surface upon. We want to share that with you.

Remember what Tesla said in many of his talks. He talked about the whole universe being attuned to a certain frequency. As you become better attuned to it you can plug into it. So this is a very important time in our evolutionary process. It's something that we are collaborating with all over the place. It happens that the synchronicity and serendipity of this time together makes our hearts sing. We wanted to share that with you.

Gail: I love the word collaboration. It's something that we haven't seen a lot of on this planet. We have seen how we've been brought up. We've been groomed not to learn how to work together. But to learn how to work in opposition to each other and how to create conflict. This new wave of collaborating, co-created is taking us to a place of unity.

This dimension has had separation and fear. All these kinds of things have kept us disempowered and in a state where we can be manipulated. That's not who we are. That's not what's really our forte. You know we're here to shift out of that and to create unity.

What does it mean to create unity? It's not that we all put our arms around each other and say Oh! isn't this wonderful! We're doing great together! We all have issues. We have things that we are bringing to the table. Unity in this time is about how we bring compassion, understanding, illumination, awareness to the set of circumstances. So that we can be together in higher awareness and greater consciousness.

It will take work, diligence and being in the forefront of being a spiritual warrior. Being ready for the next opportunity. Not knowing what's going to happen next. But it doesn't matter. Because as empowered beings we co-create. We are able to impact what's going on. So this whole new paradigm of unity is something that is going to shake a lot of the dirt out.

As the light becomes stronger we see more of what's happening that just seems like, Wow! That's not okay. So being able to see it with compassion, asking the question what do we do to take our next steps? What do we do to heal the situation? What are we doing to heal ourselves and the karma, the levels of being what we have been through? Recognize that we are in process. This is an evolutionary and extraordinary time. Where we are able, as empowered loving and compassionate beings, to come back together and create that synergy. The ability to know just what we're here for. What a creative and amazing family we all are when we work together.

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