Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 1

Discussions With Spiritual Teacher Jeff Dunphy Part 1

Jeff: Hey gang. Dax and I are down in the beautiful state of Colorado with great friends of ours, Gregory and Gail Hoag. They are the creators of these magic things called Heart Companions that we play with in Lamasery. Over the past few days the three of us have been collaborating, chatting and having great discussions. We wanted to specifically share some stuff with you regarding Metaforms and our quest for connection. I cannot speak more highly of Gregory and Gail. I wanted you to meet them first-hand. I want to impress upon you the import of some of their offerings.

Gregory:  It's wonderful to be here with you. We've been sharing so much. We have really discovered a lot during the last day or so that we've been sharing. So you had some questions you said you wanted us to share with your students - what's going on with some of these tools and explain them a little more clearly. So let's just jump right into it with some of your questions.

Jeff:  We have experienced quite the serendipity this past few days. The library in the Lamasery as you know is full of stuff. Wandering through Gail and Gregory's library, there's lots of similar books. Dax feels at home right now and clearly needed to be in my arms when we were doing this stuff. We've prepared our physical bodies through fasting. We were preparing our emotional bodies through the use of the Violet flame invocation. We are preparing our spiritual bodies now. One of the things that Gregory and Gail have been directed to do is facilitate a connection to the higher Realms. This has been their lifelong quest. They've been at it for a long time. So this is a very simple piece in our toolbox, if you will, for retooling the world that we connect to the higher Realms. We've been having such brilliant conversations that we wanted to put this on film for you. So first question right out of the gate is, we talk about these Heart Companions as we pass them around Lamasery as increasing our connectivity. I want one or both of you to just chat about conductivity and how important it is in our quest.

Gail: It's great to be with you. We've been working with Sacred Geometry technology for over 33 years. We've gone through all kinds of iterations. When it comes down to it, the purpose of working with these Geometries is they are an antenna that support us, enabling us to connect to those higher aspects of Who We Are and into that level of Consciousness that so many of us really want to achieve. A number of years ago there was a whole new batch of work that started to come through. We work with guidance very intuitively. I have worked for many years as both a healer and a channel. We learned that there was some technology that first became the I.Connect, then the Heart Companions and the Advanced I.Connect. They are specifically for the purpose of those higher connections. We then were on a quest to find what geometries best serve as antennas so that these tools can be available to support you for those higher connections on a regular basis. Not just when you go into meditation. But in everyday walk about life.

Jeff: It's brilliant..

Gregory: It’s like taking meditation where you go very deep and then holding that space around you constantly. So you can start to interphase with the 4th, 5th, all the way up to Soul Dimension. We are beings that exist only partially here in the Third Dimension. The majority of Who We Are, just like the majority of an iceberg is hidden underwater. The majority of Who We Are exists on these higher dimensional levels. This time in creation is a very special time. I know that Jeff was drawn to incarnate at this time, as we have been. All of us are here recognizing that there is something very special to do for not only ourselves, but for the good of all. For the good of humanity at large. We are moving into these higher Realms of higher vibrational frequencies and we need to raise our frequency levels.

That's what these tools do. Like the Heart Companion which has two sides. One side is more for grounding, the other side is for taking you higher into the mental and what you're working with there. The bottom line is that it's a tool that holds that field of vibration around you all the time. When I muscle test people I find that all these things that lower our vibration and that separate us from who we truly are such as negative thoughts, EMF's from the lighting, cell phones, computers and all the toxins in the environment don't pull them out. Our tools keep us in that higher vibrational field so we can start transforming. Not only our lives but the lives of all those we start to interact with.

Jeff: Now, if you remember in the, in the pursuit of retooling for our coming-of-age retooling the world, we create opportunities. We create items. We create helpful tools to contribute to our evolutionary process. Now during this time as you all remember the law of acceleration is speeding things up quite dramatically. One of the things that the three of us have been discussing these past few days has been how we can augment the evolutionary process that we're going through. Now as you all know we're going through a bit of a shitstorm right now. But in this realm of duality we're in, for all the dark stuff that's going on there's a whole bunch of brilliant light stuff that's going on also. All of you are, as we've spoken of often, light bearers. Bringing in this next age - this next era. These are tools and instruments which we know are contributory to this journey.

Gail: I'll start off this conversation since this is really what we all signed up for. When I assess what's going on, over and over what I come back to is that the way that we can really do our work and make an impact on this realm is through consciousness -  evolving our personal consciousness and supporting other people to evolve their consciousness. What I mean by that is, it's actually multi fold. To begin with it's most important to get out of our brains or our head and instead move into the range of our heart. The heart is truly where wisdom lies. As we are able to apply heart wisdom, our consciousness begins to embrace what's going on around us in a different way. Rather than reacting to things, we find that we are co-creators. We are divine co-creators. It's extremely important that we take each step as a conscious step of what we add into this field. This is a vibrational field. Everything is energy.

Part of our work is in developing tools that bring in a resonance that supports people. It's very difficult to hold a field of love, compassion, joy, acceptance and all of those wonderful things when we feel we are in a very disjointed field. So put the focus back into what we can create. Know that we are powerful co-creators. Then bring ourselves into resonance with tools that support a field that elevates, expands and connects us. That will make a huge difference. That's the way we live. That's what we teach. That's what we create with the products that we develop and that we bring out to the world.

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