Difference between the I.Connect & Heart Companions

How to choose between the I.Connect and Heart Companion pendants

We developed this innovative technology first for the I.Connect and 2 years later for the Heart Companion. We have over 35 internal antenna systems and a complicated energizing process, both of which have been upgraded a number of times over the last 5 years.The I.Connect was designed to be held in your hand, placed in a pocket or other parts of your clothing, rest by your desk, bedside, etc. When people requested a wearable piece of jewelry, we introduced the Heart Companion, which has most of the same internal systems and energizing process. The I.Connect is a little more grounding and relaxing for many. Cost is often the deciding factor for people choosing the I.Connect as their first tool from Metaforms.

The faceplates contain the energy of 3D geometric forms that have been converted into 2D antenna systems and differ between the two pieces. The Heart Companion has 2 sides, the Star Face and Earth Face that give you a choice of directing more grounding energy or more higher/mental energy. Each Heart Companion also adds various arrays of gemstones that add their mineral vibrations and beauty.

The Heart Companion also has these additional components:

  1. .The gems added to the Heart Companion act to move energy from the higher dimensions into the physical dimension. This increases the energy flow into your body via the chakras as receivers of these energies. The Chakra Heart Companion contains 7 gems necessary to activate the 7 chakras. The Rainbow Heart Companion has the same gems plus 7 more, the Highlight is imbued with higher vibrational gems and both activate more energies in the body than the those with fewer gems. The majority of the energy you feel is coming from the internal antenna systems of the pendant and the gems are helping to integrate it into your body.
  2. The Heart Companion with its two sides more strongly effects the energy direction in the body to have it either flow up creating more mental and higher dimensional focus with the Star Face or with the Earth Face toward the body creating more grounding and body centered awareness. Both sides strengthen you to become clear of electromagnetic interference and negative emotions, while feeling centered, empowered and loved.
  3. Wearing the Heart Companion around your neck is the perfect position to activate your heart center, which is the gateway to the higher dimensions. It also brings the HC into your awareness more as it is visible, not in a pocket or bra. It is easy to place your hand over it and activate the energy with your awareness and intent. Since this is a tool (both IC and HC) that reacts to consciousness the more you interact with it the more it can be of service. Whenever I ask for help, guidance or I’m putting forth an intent or greeting my right hand moves to the Heart Companion I always wear on my chest.
  4. Finally, wearing the HC as a pendant allows you to keep track of it. It is not as easy to lose as the IC, which is carried in a pocket or bra.

    Gregory is often asked to energetically check on a person to see which form would serve them best and almost always gets that the Heart Companion is the one to choose.

    Both are worthwhile to carry and so we always have both with us during waking hours with the IC2 frequently in a pillow or next to the bed at night.