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Daniel Gutierrez wearing the Heart Companion on the Red Carpet in Los Angeles, CA

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”36″ font_font=”Shadows%20Into%20Light”]“Many times I have been asked what is it that I am wearing and why, I have been wearing the Heart Companion for years because it serves as my master connection. I only wear things that have meaning to me. It is by far the best tool I have found to accelerate the connection to the heart energy and expand abundance and prosperity in all areas of my life.”[/text_block]

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left” font_size=”35″ font_font=”Courier”]Daniel was featured as the cover story in the December 2015 issue of Color Magazine. Click the link below to read the article.

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Chakra Heart Companion As Seen On Daniel

Rainbow Heart Companion Available in Silver or Gold

73% of your waking hours are spent at work and 83% of workers say they are stressed and unfocused. You must stay connected to your humanness to thrive.

Your heart center is the doorway to that connection for reduced stress and greater mindfulness in your life. The Heart Companion is your POWERFUL key.

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What is it?

The Heart Companion pendant offers advanced technology to cut through the chaotic stress of everyday life. It establishes a connection to the rhythms of the natural world found by a peaceful stream. It assists in expanding heart-centered awareness.

Why does it work?

The components of the Heart Companion combine ancient and modern technologies serving as antenna to interact with life positive, coherent frequencies.

What will it do for you?[/text_block]

  • Reduce stress and fear – be directed through your purpose
  • Creates focus and improved memory with a calm, clear mind – increasing productivity, creativity and intuition – overcome procrastination
  • Be strong and centered internally, which is reflected externally in an organized workspace, logical thinking and problem solving
  • Mindfulness – observe yourself from a higher perspective and don’t take yourself as personally
  • Unhook from the driving force of fears and negative emotions- defuse the flight or fight syndrome to make clear choices
  • Leverage a 60 second meditation into effecting an entire day – the Heart Companion constantly rebroadcasts your higher intent – manifest more quickly
  • Being heart centered improves communication, feeling of connection and interaction with others
  • Enhances the biofield for improvements in organ system function as measured by an independent research facility – better health and vitality
  • Maintain your center and strength in the midst of conflct and stress
  • Reduce the negative affects of electromagnetic frequencies and toxins in your environment

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How The Heart Companion Has Helped Others…

I have been working with Metaforms technology for seven years. I am amazed with the way this technology has helped me improve my life experiences.  After wearing the Heart Companion for a couple of days, I felt more peaceful and more in balance. I also noticed that I was less inclined to react to situations and had the control to think before I responded. I had experienced this mindful state while in meditation, but it was harder to maintain mindfulness in my daily life. The Heart Companion helped me make this possible.


I am enjoying my heart companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before, and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams: they are more lucid, and I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.

Jan B

You can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.

M. Ross, Ph.D

About Daniel…

Daniel Gutierrez is an International Business Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Radio Personality and Author of Stepping Into Greatness: Success Is Up To You.

Leveraging his experience, his infectious humor, and his deep belief that there is greatness in each of us, he has transformed businesses and individuals all over the world. His appeal breaks the boundaries of profession, culture, and age.

Mr. Gutierrez travels the world extensively for speaking engagements to Fortune 500 companies and individuals alike, inspiring them to stay focused and achieve their dreams.

Mr. Gutierrez has been acknowledged twice as Latin Business Magazine’s “Top 100 Hispanics” along with other extraordinary individuals: Edward James Olmos; Oscar De La Hoya; Los Angeles Mayor, Antonio Villaraigosa; Talk Show Host, Cristina Saralegui; and CNN’s Soldedad O’Brien. Daniel has also made the front cover of Latin Business Magazine. Mr. Gutierrez was interviewed for a new movie/documentary film Luminous WorldViews due to release in early 2010 as one of 18 world-renowned scientists and world thought leaders in the area of transformation. In January 2010 Mr. Gutierrez was inducted as the President of the prestigious national organization PRIMER based in New York City and currently advises the Department of White House Personnel for the Obama Administration

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