Connecting to Spirit Part 3

Connecting to Spirit Part 3

For Gail and I don't think we do anything without guidance anymore. Sometimes I feel something or she feels something and we'll ask "what do you get on this?". That's one of the nice things that we really have because it's the way we hone in. I'll tune in and she'll tune in and we'll both work together.

The other way, if we don't do that, we're actually just back in the old rut. There's an automatic pilot that can conduct so much of our lives and that's what we have already done. How much do we want to keep redoing over and over again? If we've done it then hopefully we've learned from it. If we've learned from it, then we have the opportunity to take a step out of it to go beyond what we've done before. To be more present with the quality of Who We Are at a more full range of our being. So that means being more aware, more conscious and more present.

Presence is something that is such an extraordinary thing because it really means we are fully here and now. And that is extraordinary. It goes back again to how we are here to create in each moment, not replicated, not to just play that same broken record again. Instead to be able to see what is the next extraordinary thing that we can create.

As human beings that's what we have. We have this dynamic ability. With our intent we build the field. The field of reacquainting ourselves with all of these wonderful aspects of Who We Are to be able to design our lives, attract into our lives what we want. It's time now for that.

There's just a little story that I want to share with you.  I'm so impressed with with this amazing situation that just happened with this Thai soccer team.

If we look at that from our old way of doing things, the vast majority of people would say “That's impossible..How can they possibly get that team out of that cave?” It was a place of blackness and was so risky to access. How could they possibly get them out? A number of things were happening. Those young boys and their soccer coach had no idea for 9 days they were going to be rescued. They had no idea if someone was going to find them.

But there was something that they tapped into. It just so happened that their coach was a Buddhist monk, an ordained Buddhist monk. So he started teaching them some of what he knew through meditation. He connected with the higher levels of Who They All Are. He connected with the Unity in the world which then could be received like a beacon. A beacon that was saying “Find us. We're here and holding on.”

It was an amazing thing that they were still in decent enough health to be able to stay there for another week while these incredible people from Thailand and all over the world, that are super skilled and courageous beings came together. In their creative moments they were able to create the avenues to bring each one of those people out of the cave and into the light again..

They did it. They didn't depend on anything that said “This is the way you do it. Or It was done before, so you can do it again.” it was brand new territory.

They created a Unity between all of them and the higher aspects of Who They Are. And actually with the entire world who was rooting for them, who was holding that intent, that field that said Yes! Yes! You can do it! You can do it! And they did. 

It's the same thing with you. In reality the field is there. That intent is there for your success, joy, love, for your passions to be expressed. For your contributions and your service to be fully manifested. That field is there. It's your opportunity to step into that, to do your part, build your entrance and relationship to that field. Then just find what will happen. It is quite exquisite. It is very real and will become manifested.

It's so powerful to understand we have a choice. Every single day, hour, minute and second we have a choice on what we are going to do. How we're going to approach this life.

The universe is there to support our choice, but we have to make the initial effort to choose. The universe is there, our Higher self, guidance and everything then comes towards us. That’s our step. The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. That's how the universe, our Higher self and guidance moves over these vast distances toward us after we make just one step toward Higher self. We do it in a trusting way. We do it in a loving way. We do it with our intent. We work with all these aspects that we’re beginning to learn about that really puts us in position to then be allowing. Allow the universe to show up. Watch what comes into our lives. It's so amazing.

I once came across a little saying that I think we've all heard, that happy people. don't really have happy things happen to them all the time. It's just the attitude that they've cultivated. They don't always have good things. You look at one person or another person. We all have the same kind of things going on in our lives. Things that are not sometimes very nice or very good or what we would choose. People are not reacting back to us the way we sometimes would like them to react back.

So what makes the difference between a person that has a really good attitude and someone who doesn't? It isn't the things that's happening to them. It's the way they choose to work with their life from the inside out. They choose to go to that place inside their heart where they know that's where the love is. Then they can turn it around and share love with someone who may not be sharing love with them. That could mean all the difference for that other person who's caught in their own spiral.

So again. It’s choosing what you want to do with your life. That can be just a moment that makes such a vast difference. Then you may have to do it again. Then again and so it is.

What else do we have to do every day of our lives? Except to make choices and certainly it feels much better if we have a situation where we're choosing to have changing the car tire be a game and fun or fixing things. That’s what I do when I fix things. I go okay. I'm going to learn something. I'm going to do something.

So much of what we do together is so much nicer when we respect, love and honor each other. Honor the higher parts of ourselves. That's what we're wanting to share with you in the next series of videos that we're going to be doing.

Thank You so much for joining us today. Blessings.

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