Connecting to Spirit Part 2

Connecting to Spirit Part 2

We live within a paradigm of separation. We see things as little parcels. When we try to understand what something is about, we often try to dissect it. You can take an apple and cut it in all different ways and into many different pieces. Will you really understand it more?

So what we're here to do now is look at things from the perspective of the whole. Because we've taken them apart into all these little segments, we can bring it back into a unified whole. Then we can start to grasp everything as Unity again. The unified field is what we are a part of.

When we talk about higher guidance it is not outside of ourselves. It’s not beyond us. When we talk about intuition it's not some magical weird thing that just somehow starts to give us little messages. It is a direct part of Who We Are.

But it’s a part that we haven't exercised well. So what we're doing is, we are exercising that muscle. We are learning how to listen better, to understand better, to view the signs, to be more aware and more appreciative.

A lot of times we just pass things by. We don't realize that there is a specific message for us. It could be a circumstance in our life. It could be someone who brings us something. It could be something that we hear, feel or a gut feeling. A reaction that we have in our bodies.

These are all different signals that we get, so we can understand that there is a vast part of ourselves that's knocking on our door, on our minds and saying, “Hey! Wake up. Listen. There's something really important here.” Particularly when we come back to understanding ourselves as creative dynamic beings. All of those instances and messages are critically important.

We have depended too often on what we learn outside of ourselves. What we're being told. What we are instructed to do or to be. With all of that data, how do we get back to really honoring, listening and loving who we are at the core of Who We Are?

Recently we were watching a lovely movie from a former child television creator and star Mister Rogers. What he said to his children is “I love you just the way you are.” That is so freeing and so significant. Because he was saying, you don't need to wait for me to tell you what to do, how to act, how to be, what to think, how to enjoy life.  You already have all that.

That is part of this message. You have all of these components. What we're here to support you with now, is putting it all back together. To bring that unity back into a structure that you depend upon, honor and trust in your life. When you go to work with what we call higher guidance, it is actually your true nature and you're just taking those steps, up that ladder so that you get a broader perspective.

It's like an eagle that flies way up. What does the eagle see? We could talk about the eagle as having miraculous vision because it can see very specifically. At the same time it has this tremendous overview of what is beneath and around.

Well that's what we are working towards. To have that balance - both of those aspects, to be able to be in this physical body, work with and produce, with all of these different physical ramifications. And at the very same time have our radar intact that gets the higher picture, the bigger picture and our relationship within and the enthusiasm for the creative spirit to intertwine with that. And when that is the intent, the field that we're operating from, tremendous things start to happen in our lives.

One of the bigger questions for a lot of people that are opening up to higher communication, understanding and working with their intuition more, is an impediment that questions if I can I trust it?

This is something that really comes from a long culture that's been based in fear. So much of what's been going on in this world is fear-based and about separation. Any of the emotions we have that are negative really come from fear. Fear blocks that flow of energy that wants to come through the heart. Because the heart is the doorway to higher self.

When any kind of a fear, anger, judgement, sadness, or guilt comes into our lives, that blocks that doorway. That blocks the heart. The heart must be open for there to be a flow of energy from higher self.

Because the heart is designed with enough cells similar to the brain to be a conduit. To be a relayer, to take that higher information to the brain and literally activate the brain. So that higher self is running the brain rather than the lower aspects of our ego trying to run our brain and figure out what's going on, what's right and wrong. That's colored by the fear that exists in this reality.

We need to start working with extracting ourself from that sense of fear driving our lives. That things aren't going to work. That bad things can happen. As we open up to these higher-dimensional understandings in order to trust what we get, this is a step-by-step process that we're going to start sharing with you with 24 steps for working with intuition, guidance and building trust.

To begin with it's important to start letting go of that aspect of fear that's been running your life. Understand that there is no human being around you on the outside or any circumstance that loves you and has more of your wellbeing at heart than your own higher self, which is really connected to everything. This is where the love is coming from- within you at the core of your being.

To open to that love, to start to trust that love, this is where the Budda sits. This is where the Christ sits inside of you. This is where Mohammad sits. This is where the highest aspects of what we consider source and God is within us. The doorway to that part of our being is sitting inside.

We're going to talk to you about meditation and the aspect of being quiet. How to get into a space of being able to open that doorway and hear that clear small voice that is growing.

But right now I'm just wanting to impress upon you that this is where the the source of your love is. There may be people out there in the world that you love and you feel a lot of love when you're around them.

When you’re around a baby they elicit so much love. Because they're not judging us. You know they're not going behind our back and going, I don't know about what I really care for. They are just there, they’re present. So are animals present with us. We need to be present with ourselves. Present with that incredible space within us and know that we can trust it.

When we hold the right intent of connecting to higher self, that's when nothing negative, evil, or dark can come in to play with us.

We set the conditions. We'll be talking about that in some of the future blogs too.

How we create with our intent a clear pathway, where nothing of any malevolence or anything negative can approach us and create anything. We don't have to worry about that. We are protected. We are guided. We are really being taken at this time to a higher potential for what it is to be a human being.

That's what we're going to support you in. That whole process. It's a process you can learn to trust, to relax in and know this is where your life is meant to go. This is what your life is meant to be. This is how you're supposed to approach everything. With this joy, connection and guidance.

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