Connecting to Spirit Part 1

Connecting to Spirit Part 1

Hi! I'm Gail Hoag and I'm here with my husband Gregory. We want to talk today about connection. About how we can connect to the more vast parts of ourselves. Not necessarily the part of us that is only in the physical or that we can hear with our voices, see with our eyes. But those aspects of our being that are more involved with our intuition, feelings, spiritual nature, creativity - those qualities that are sometimes very elusive.

They are extremely important for us in our ability to live fully and be able to manifest in our lives the kinds of things that we want. That includes health, relationship, prosperity and all kinds of creative endeavors.

When we look back at how we've grown up, most of us have not been given a lot of instruction on credibility for our creative self, intuitive self and what we call our higher nature. Greg and I talk a lot about higher guidance. One of the things that I began to reflect on is that this is a statement that may have a lot of different ways of being understood.

So we want to be a little more clear with you and illuminate what we mean by higher guidance. Because we really think of ourselves as part of all the unity and it is an aspect of us. How do we move from those understandings of ourselves as an individual, as a separate being and be able to incorporate that relationship of unity back into our everyday life? So we're going to start working with you around that. Take you step-by-step, so that you can embrace those greater aspects of Who You Are.

We often use the metaphor of being like an iceberg to explain the totality of who we are. Only a little bit of the iceberg shows above the surface. So it is in our lives. Only 10% or less, according to some people, show up here in the physical dimension. So, for us to have a rich, fulfilling life we need to learn how we connect to the other 90 to 99% of us.

That's what we're going to start in the conversation today. We're going to open you up to the idea that we have a list of different ways that we connect to “Spirit” to “Higher Self”. A list of about 12 ways spirit connects to us. We're defining the terms today.

When I speak about spirit, it's really an invisible part of myself. The larger part of myself going all the way back to unity. When we move into the higher aspects of our being, it's something that we need to keep reminding ourselves that “this is really us”. This is an aspect of us, this is totally loving. It's not like some aspect of our being that's criticizing us, being a dictatorial parent or trying to tell us the right way of doing things.

Matter of fact, what comes to mind right now, is a documentary I saw once about this tribe in the Brazilian rainforest. They were visited many years ago by a group of missionaries who came down in airplanes. It was so miraculous for these people. When they were rediscovered 20-30 years later they were still building models of the planes as some aspects of the gods that they had interacted with.

I'm bringing that up because there's a tendency in our Consciousness to create separation. We do it on the physical Dimension between ourselves and other people. Sometimes we base it on all types of reasons such as beliefs, skin color, size, sex or whatever. The truth is that we are connected. As we move into higher realms we find more and more that we are connected. So this story about building the models of the planes is just an example of how we separate ourselves from those higher Realms.

Those higher aspects of ourselves are so in love with us, wanting to support us and be part of our lives. There should be no separation. It's not like there's more knowledge there and less here on this dimension. It's just like you going to the hilltop. You can look down into the valley and see where you're going and see around the bend. That's a lot of what this connection to higher self through intuition is all about.

There's another aspect I wanted to bring up. That's the importance of intent. The other day we were talking about intention. Intention is like a sentence with a subject, verb and an outcome. So this is my intention. Intent is the active energy within you that is driving what it is you're wanting to create.

So when I talk about intent that's how you approach the higher aspects of yourself - the higher vibrational aspects, the invisible aspects. When you work with an intent that is always filled with love, that is always for your highest good and always for the highest good of all.

What starts to unfold in all the connections that you make, all the information that comes into your life, it then falls into that realm of being of service to all and for the highest good of all. Really being there to help you grow and be there in a loving way  - a conscious way.

So your intent is what higher self really looks toward when it's coming to answer your call. It's not “who” you are approaching or having the right kind of meditation. Nor the right kind of aspects or ways of going about it. At the basis of everything it's your intent. What's coming from your heart? What is your deep meaning for doing all of this? The clear and more loving and more inclusive that is, the better the universe is able to fulfill your needs. It happily comes to answer your call.

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