Connect With Planetary Sacred Sites

Connect With Planetary Sacred Sites

Earlier we talked about the Star Tetrahedron.

We've done something else with the Star Tetrahedron. That is, we have changed the dimensions of the sides to work with something called the Phi Ratio. The Phi Ratio is similar to this caliper, which measures how the first digit of my middle finger is in a relationship to itself. This is the Phi Ratio, when you work with your finger to your hand, your hand to your elbow. So it is throughout the human body, insects, plants, animals all work with this relationship.

What we've done is create a Star Tetrahedron in that same relationship. This is a relationship to the large forms that we have on our land up to 15 - 20 feet high. We found that we can start to interact with all of the Sacred Geometric sites on the planet. I say geometric, the nodes of the planet itself. The energy nodes are brought into relationship through this form.

I think we're going to be doing more with this in the future, showing how it can help human beings relate to the planet, relate to all the sacred points on the planet. We can bring through the best of what's going on at Angkor Wat. What's going on in places like the Great Pyramids of Giza, Uluru in Australia and so forth. We start creating a relationship with the planet through all its sacred sites working with this form.

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