Universal Secrets Revealed 6 Module Course: Simple Actions to Activate Your Core of Love and Power

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We will begin our time together with a meditation with spinning forms. This is followed by a slide presentation and discussion on consciousness and Sacred Geometry. We will then go deeper into the Sacred Geometric forms that have made a big impact on people’s lives.

Before we begin the content of this presentation and discussion, we will go into a meditation with spinning geometries. We will continue revealing the mystery that lies within the numbers, focusing on 3, the trinity and grounding aspects of 4. We will wrap up with showing you how we use this knowledge in the 5G Soulution, Sphere of Health and Divine Integrator and the benefits of these geometries.

We will begin with a meditation with our spinning forms to relax and prepare for the lesson. For our presentation, we’ll show you how Universe is conscious and designed for exquisite life generation through the principles found in the number 5.

We will begin Course 4 with a meditation with spinning geometries. We’ll then take a deep dive into discussing the lessons of the number 6 and how it offers a roadmap to understand the evolution of life. We will illuminate how consciousness plays into this.

We will begin Course 5 with a meditation with spinning geometries. We’ll discover the creative geometry of light. This leads us into the archetypes of the Platonic solids and how they are the blueprint for physical creation.

Our last class together will be a LIVE session. After a meditation with spinning forms, we will review and summarize the Sacred Geometric forms we explored during our time together, as well as the uses and benefits of having this knowledge. We have shown how the universe is fully conscious and when you harmonize with its creative aspects, you are endowed with manifesting abilities, greater love and compassion.

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Universal Secrets Revealed - 6 Module Course - Two Payments
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Universal Secrets Revealed - 6 Module Course - Two Payments
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“I spoke with you sometime back, and bought the greatest gift of Love for myself I have ever purchased! I bought a BEAUTIFUL and PROFOUND Heart Companion earlier this year. This is such an incredible tool and life-changer! Everywhere I go, those that can ‘sense’ stop me and want to know about this piece I wear. It’s such a blessing you’re bringing forth~ especially during these highly dramatic times with frequency elevations beyond anything we’ve ever experienced before!”

Sarah jo

“The I.Connect and Heart Companion have a very powerful effect of settling you down, grounding and connecting you internally. What really amazed me was the way these tools are structured to hold and transmit high vibrational energy, so I discovered that I can download my energy waves into these tools and these energies are constantly rebroadcast and projected to you. The effectiveness of these tools are way beyond anything my students and I have worked with before.”

Bill farber

“With the Heart Companion, you can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.”

marion ross, ph.d

“I am really pleased with how my energy system has been strengthend from working with the Causal Generator that spins the Unity Grid and Metatron’s Cube. Also, my Heart Companion Pendant’s effects are second to none! With a big open heart I thank you and Gregory for listening and answering your calls to do the energetic workings that you do for us and the world.”


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