Our approach to good health is to work on many levels, supporting the basic body functions, as well as incorporating spiritual and mental awareness that blends consciousness with physical well-being. What good is it to eat the best food, exercise and meditate, if the body is consistently receiving stressful and self-defeating messages? Oxidative stress from environmental toxins and electromagnetic pollution speed up the aging process which deteriorates the body's immune system and ability to regenerate healthy cells. The upcoming broadcasting of 5G is going to significantly magnify these issues as all life operates on electrical levels that affect our biology. Animals and insects have shown us how they become disoriented and weakened when they are inundated with powerful electromagnetic frequencies. 

Life is out of balance and the current situation highlights the importance to approach life with a balanced perspective, honoring the body, emotions, soul - consciousness. With our Sacred Geometric tools: Heart Companion, I.Connect and Metaforms, we offer solutions to stay better connected with the higher aspects of who we are. Working and meditating with these tools on a regular basis are an important contribution to good health, well-being and happiness. Recently we were asked to develop something to address the coming 5G expansion and created a powerful new Metaform called the 5G Soulution. There is nothing that can stop 5G from arriving enmasse, however our opportunity is to provide what is essential - our ability to stay connected beyond the 5G influx, which allows for greater health.

Here are 2 synergistic ways to support health for body and consciousness

Fuller Life C-60

At the end of 2019, we were introduced to the most potent anti-oxidant available that goes directly to the mitochondria -  Fuller Life C-60.

  • 40 times more bio-active than all other products
  • 83 quadrillion fully dissoved / dispersed buckyballs - free radical sponge
  • Cognitive support – think more clearly
  • Best antioxidant support – protection from free radical damage
  • Sublingual delivery goes right to the mitochondria to support energy
  • Free radicals are involved in as many as 100 human degenerative conditions and diseases, including flu, viruses, chronic inflammation and cancer.
  • Produced in the USA
  • Only $30 per month

To see more scientific information:

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New! 5G Soulution

Shown at left with The Sphere of Health beneath it

We were inspired to do a major upgrade on the EMF Soulution resulting in the NEW 5G Soulution.  It has become one of the most powerful tools we have for overcoming the electromagnetic chaos and environmental toxins  blocking us from higher connection.  By itself or combined with other geometries, it opens a portal of consciousness and love that is calming, centering and healing. 

It transforms your environment allowing coherent energies to elevate the vibration of foods, water. your body and mind.  With this new tool you will feel more connected to Mother Earth and simultaneously be lifted into Universal understanding and the warmth of your central core.  Meditate on its movement and then be transported to the same heartful sensations from wherever you are when you remember the vision in your mind’s eye.