Would you like to take Mas and his recharging power with you in your daily life, around your neck, or in your pocket that would perfect and deepen your relationships?

You can now benefit from the experience of Mas Sajady with a series of four powerful Activations you can watch or listen on your computer or mobile device again and again whenever you choose. The full series is just over 40 minutes and includes powerful meditations to find your soulmate or make ANY relationship richer!

This life transforming series transmits the energy Mas brings to you as he works on your unique issues. These videos are your free gift with a Heart Companion or I.Connect. These tools resonate at a high vibration so they can hold and radiate the energies Mas downloads for you.

Mas will teach you how to bring in the energies of loving relationships for self, others, the earth, and all consciousness. He will guide you in a deep meditation that will not only charge you, but the I.Connect and Heart Companion. You will learn how to use them to keep the memories of loving and abundant relationships, friends, money, health and the earth.

You will learn deeper states of relaxation, letting go, and just being you. Mas has you connect to the group at a pure level. Connecting to the master mind allowing you to go further faster and to be secure in who you are. Allowing you to let your true light shine and blossom.

Mas will teach you how to let go of any distortions, previous relationships and family ties from previous life times. He can bring back the natural harmony that has always been there but somehow may have gotten distorted from your life experiences. You will restore your natural self-respect that you need and that you deserve by bringing to harmony the natural sequence of events between head, heart and groin

Mas will help you to infuse new memories, recordings of who you truly are within the I.Connect and Heart Companion, transforming your distorted frequencies into pure frequencies. He will teach you to send out those pure organic frequencies naturally so you will attract them back into you. Relationships that can heighten your connection to spirit to become your higher self and pure Source.

As shared by Mas: “The I.Connect and Heart Companion pendant are solid tools to support you in connecting more quickly and easily to pure Source. These tools greatly enhance what I do with individuals that I work on. The I.Connect and Heart Companion are more in tune because of the internal antennae systems, thus they hold the frequencies that I instill for clients. The energy will stay with you longer and hold the frequencies more strongly and purely, so the effects of my sessions will extend further out. The tools help you generate a much stronger, more complete auric field in connection to pure Source. People with these tools aren’t as affected by negative world events. They allow you to stay strong and abundant.”