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All Heart Companions!

Basic  / Chakra / Rainbow / Highlight* Editions!
*Diamonds and chains not included

The I.Connect

Take The Power of Sacred Geometry With You In Your Pocket.

Star Tetrahedron Earrings

Wear Silver or Gold-plated Sacred Geometry

Metatron's Cube Pendant With No Ring, 2 Rings or 3!

Wear Metatron's Cube Around your Neck in Both Silver or Gold-plated

Star Dodecahedron

It radiates Divine Peace and Divine Light, good for use on altars

Stellated Earth Grid

Creates a sense of deep grounded inner peace, helps shift chaotic environments into order...

Child Companion

Give Your Child a Heart Companion of Their Own

Advanced I.Connect

For Those Who Are Ready to Harness The Full Power of Sacred Geometry

Silver or  Gold-plated 5D Star Tetrahedron Earrings

Powerful Sacred Geometry Shapes To Wear

Metatron’s Cube

Spinning – creates an orderly sense of being, focus for accomplishing tasks, clarity

Star Icosahedron

Used to advance your spiritual growth, the shape of the Light body around each of us!


Transform Your Relationship With Your Pet!


The Power of Sacred Geometry In Your Home, For Groups and Offices

Sphere of Health

helps prepare the lower bodies to accept higher frequencies and shifting DNA!

Unity Grid 7" & 12"

Creates an experience of unity through the heart!

3-D Star Gold Plated

Opens crown chakra and makes immediate deep meditation and Higher Intuitive connections possible.