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December 10 - 13 ~ 20% Off select products

As a Special Bonus, all purchasers now and in the past will receive a Free ticket to our new Companion Connect webinar that will show you ways of activating greater Intuition and Creativity while using our products.

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Lastly we guarantee that all Heart Companions and other wearables ordered during this sale will be shipped in time for the Christmas holiday. Unity Grid, Metatron’s Cube and other Sacred Geometry Forms will be shipped as soon as stock is available. (Orders outside of the US cannot be guaranteed for holiday delivery.)

The Joy of Heart Connection
Join us in a Heart Centered Life
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ALL Heart Companions

Live through the wisdom of the heart. Choose from ALL Heart Companion styles and get the pendant that Calls to you.

Basic  / Chakra / Rainbow / Highlight  In Silver or Titanium Gold finish.   Chains not included

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Advanced I.Connect

Choose Black Tourmaline or Emerald for enhanced intuition and connection in your life

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Child Companion

Enjoy a deeper and more meaningful connection with your child.

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Unity Grid

Energize deeper levels of love and compassion for all life and the earth.

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Pet Connect

Create a bond of communication, health and well-being for you and your pet.

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Metatron's Cube

Manifest your higher purpose and gain greater  focus, clarity and gratitude

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Please Enjoy: Anthony's Triumph: A Heart Companion Story

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