Be the Link Between Heaven and Earth

Be the Link Between Heaven and Earth

We take the Dodecahedron that we talked about, a 12 sided figure, that Christ body and the Buddha body. We combine it with the Sacred Geometry of the next body out, the light body which is in 20 dimensions-an Icosahedron. Bringing them together we get this Stellated Earth Grid which is just so powerful. In the center the core being is our node and it's our node on the grid of the Earth. With a tool like this all of these shapes are tools that help us tap into the Earth grid and really project energies as an energy worker or lightworker and get things accomplished.

It's an amazing tool. When this spins it helps not only in a major way to resonate divine love, but also the Christ consciousness energies. It helps bring you along so you'll have much deeper meditations and it's a truly very powerful piece. I've been using one of these for many years. Hold on to that so I can show you when we go back to looking at the Dodecahedron with its 12 sides.

The Icosahedron is a geometry the ancients worked with in terms of flow, water. It really starts resonating with soul and when you combine these two elements, you get a form that is spherical. You see here we have the triangles of the Icosahedron, the five sided faces of the Dodecahedron. What we stellate is the Dodecahedron in this piece because we want to enforce, reinforce that energy flow going into the Dodecahedron which relates more strongly to the physical body. This is allowing you to go very far out into the universe and yet maintain your connection to Earth and connection to this body.

No matter how much energy you start interacting with, if you aren't able to ground that energy into your physical body and be able to share it and share that love with others you're not going to be able to be of much use in the evolution of yourself, the planet or others, which is what I mean by grounding. It’s sharing, it’s interacting, it's creating in this dimension and using these as tools as we've spoken about. A tool is like a hammer that would help you build a house but when you're done, you're the one that built the house, not the hammer. It would be very difficult to do it without the hammer and so it is it's very difficult to reach and maintain many of these higher dimensional energies without being able to ground them with a tool that can resonate with that energy.

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