Artificial Intelligence Versus Soul Centered Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence Versus Soul Centered Intelligence

Hi! I'm Gail Hoag and I'm here with Gregory.

Something that we've been talking about is inspired by the fact that we are a technologically advancing world, where there are robots. Artificial intelligence shows up everywhere from our phones, to ways of being able to light the lights in our homes, computers and all kinds of things. Now some people actually have concerns that it can get a bit out of control.

My response when I started to think about it was - there really is something here for us to work with. Because when it comes down to it, we are conscious beings that are here not just to respond to whatever else is going on on the planet, but to be creative beings.

I believe that - not just because of artificial intelligence, but because of a lot of the ways that Civilization and structures are here in our world. Many people are just feeling encapsulated by other people's rules. Others’ ways of “This is the way it is,” as opposed to truly being divine, creative, inspired and love centered beings.

So as I thought about things like artificial intelligence, it came clear to me that our opportunity is now to develop something that I'm calling Soul Centered Intelligence. When I use the word intelligence in relationship to soul, I'm not just calling it brain power. I'm talking about the ability to work with all the different levels of Who We Are.

The Heart leads us into a deep way of being able to understand and interact with our world, based on that resonance of love, compassion, appreciation and gratitude. That's really where I'm coming from, aong with the alignment with the higher dimensions.  Our consciousness, our higher consciousness is not necessarily just resonating in this three-dimensional physical world.

When we're able to breathe, relax and meditate, we step into those divine places. Whether it's being out in a walk in nature, or in your sacred space, or with sacred ceremony. All of those opportunities allow us to encompass a greater Realm of Who We Are. So Soul Centered Intelligence is really reaching into all those different dimensions of our capability and advancing ourselves to meet the evolutionary time we are in.

So when we look at it like that it seems like it’s absolutely infinite. Because intelligence and the ability to be creative is so increasingly dynamic it just keeps growing and growing. It can't be denied by artificial intelligence. Because artificial intelligence lacks the ability to work with those higher Realms, to work with that loving compassion and the true wisdom of living through the Heart.

So it's our time. It's an opportunity. We are really being jostled to wake up and be able to recognize our true capabilities and meet the advancement of technology with real Soul Centered, loving intelligence.

It's so important to really get that aspect of what Gail is saying. As we are confronted by more and more technology, the potential for this being a construct, this being artificial reality. Perhaps we're in some type of a simulation. It makes no difference because where we're going with all of this is the same place.

What I mean by that is. We are multi-dimensional beings. When you talk about artificial intelligence that's what's being constructed here in the third dimension. We exist on a multi-dimensional level, on higher dimensional aspects of our being.

So what we call Soul, what we call maybe the prime operator. From that place of consciousness, whether we are projecting into this reality as a simulation, we are still coming from that place. Right now it is paramount for us to get to know that aspect of our being and get to complete our Union with soul. While being here as this Avatar, as this projection. As this three-dimensional being.

We seem to always be interacting with the world in some way that's helping us learn and grow. New Age people especially say Ohh! We're here to learn and grow. Well, let's take that to heart. What is it that we are here to learn? What is it each one of us is here to understand? So that we grow more completely. When I say grow, what I mean is to better understand and expand my consciousness. That's what I mean by growth. Expansion of consciousness means inclusion of those higher dimensional aspects of myself. Inclusion of my soul self.

So that this character, is only a small percentage of that larger multi-dimensional realm. This is like an iceberg which is only 10% above water. Only 10% of us shows up here on this plane. So Soul Centered Intelligence is expanding our intelligence to be inclusive of all the other Realms. It's about expanding our consciousness to be inclusive of all these other Dimensions.

To move beyond whatever is going on in this simulation. Into the place of my true beingness. From that place of Soul - that place of true beingness. Then I can operate in this world in such a Divine way that everything comes together magically. That's when the right things come at the right times, the right places. We work with intuition from that place. So, no matter how we define it, all these different things going on in this world, the solution is always the same.

That's to move to the larger part of Who We Are. That's where I know for Gail and I whenever we want to know something we just tune into the bigger part of ourselves. We find that this is where our guidance comes from. Our guidance is us. Our guidance is everything. Everything we want to know is right there at our fingertips literally.  Because we are open to receiving it.

We are open to putting it to good use. We are open to sharing it. We are open to being of service to others. That's everything we're doing. With all the tools we build. With everything that we're trying to do on this planet. It's for one purpose. That is to grow the love that we are and share it with other human beings, the planet, plants and animals.

They are all in this process of evolution and growth. When I say evolution. I don't mean it in the Darwinian sense of the term. But in the spiritual sense of the term. In moving into Higher Vibrational Realms of beingness, that's where we are going with all of this.

Thank you for joining us today.  Blessings.

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