Artificial Intelligence Part 2

Artificial Intelligence Part 2

Hi! I'm Gail Hoag. I'm here with Gregory.

One of the conversations that we started with you was about Artificial Intelligence, it's impact on us individually, on the world, on everyone. The technological evolution is just such a strong force that's happening.

So we look at how it makes us feel. What are our concerns about it? What is this? Is this something that actually has positive ramifications? Everything is positive and negative. So we know that it contributes certain things to us in terms of our economy, in terms of the skills that are being brought forth and the information that's being brought forth to us to use.

Yet some of the concerns are, who's in charge? What's going to happen? Are we going to be able to really manifest our higher purpose as human beings? Is this one more thing that could subjugate us into being controlled by technology? That is a great concern.

So when we think about Artificial Intelligence, the flip side of that, the balance is actually Soul Centered Intelligence. I ask this question: Are you being charged with something important? Are you being called to come to a higher level of living your life to bring forth that Soul Centered Wisdom, Soul Centered Intelligence? Are you living that on a day-to-day basis?

If we look at it that way, then, we're being challenged, and given a very high-level opportunity to look at, what are we capable of. What are we here for? How can we bring a higher and higher level of that heart, that love, that greater wisdom, that Soul Centered expression of who we are as a being? How can we bring this forth?

What does that do to the evolution of Consciousness and this planet? So I think we're being charged with something quite extraordinary. It's up to us to work together, to work individually and rise to the occasion, to bring forth that which is our higher self and express that on a day to day basis.

You know there are a number of people and thought leaders in the country that are talking about Artificial Intelligence as one of the biggest threats to human existence. There are a number of those big threats out there in the world as Gail was just talking about.

The one thing that Artificial Intelligence does not have access to is the Higher Dimensional Realms, Consciousness on that level of being. There can be pretending toward Consciousness. A pretending toward empathy in technology.

Each one of these elements as it comes up in our awareness, what we need to do is, look at how we are reacting in our life. In our daily life in terms of working with our Consciousness, because that is our refuge. That is the place we can go, where we can find true love and true well-being.

This body is here for only a short time. The soul is something that is ongoing forever. It's that aspect of our being that resides with Divine Love and with that higher level of Consciousness. So Artificial Intelligence is really blocked from entering that realm. That's the realm that we are really meant to evolve to. That's our opportunity right now.

Artificial Intelligence is almost a reflection of aspects of ourselves that we need to understand, then move to the higher, fuller aspect of our being. The aspect that incorporates our soul, that incorporates our Divine opportunity to be more loving, to be more grateful for everything that's being given in our lives. So this is a wonderful time to be alive.

Realize that all the things that are coming into our awareness are there just for us to be educated on a level where we understand that we have a choice. We always have a choice. Do we wish to go more into the fear? More into the doubt? More into the separation? Because when we’re in that space our heart is closed down.

We're unable to reach those realms of Divine Love, realms of peace, and realms of Consciousness that exist within us. When we let go of that, we can definitely move into our higher way of being. That's where I feel so good and where we want to be all of the time.

So that's our opportunity at this time. I think what's happening is that we are moving out of the mechanistic qualities of life. It's very easy to be focused on routine. What do you need to do? Our jobs. What it takes to cook meals, get our food, get our families to the right places, all of those kinds of things can be equated with all the things that Artificial Intelligence is really based on.

The qualities that are really the external, not the intrinsic, not the higher aspects of Who We Are. It's a message. It's saying those kinds of things, the physical embellishments of life, are really handled. Believe in that. Believe that is really not your focus.

Those things will fall into place when higher Consciousness is really brought in to that Divine level when we’re coming from that place of consciousness. Then we're in touch with greater prosperity, better health, loving relationships, creativity, all of the aspects of consciousness, human consciousness that we are truly capable of.

Let's make the commitment every single day. Remind ourselves what we're here for. To bring forth those higher levels of Who We Are. That the other things be taken care of by our higher self.  Now that's not to say that we forget about paying the rent or going to the store to get food. Doing the basics.

Realize that is a subset of our higher self. Our higher capability can truly manifest through our lives, can bring through a prosperous and joyful life. Let's focus on that Soul Centered Intelligence.

Thank You. Blessings

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