Age of the Aquarian Pyramid

Age of the Aquarian Pyramid

I have had a number of different Aquarian Pyramids. This is Aquarian Pyramid 2012 which was designed for the shifting of the ages. As far as pyramids go, it works with energy in quite a different way than the square based pyramid we found in Egypt. If we look at the base, you can see there are three six-pointed stars. Three is a very magic number allowing us to attain access to the higher dimensions and work with energies in a way that brings it down from extremely high levels of creation, from actually Soul level.

This form is made up of a couple of tetrahedrons that intertwine each other. Working with this form what we find is that we can bring higher dimensional energies into an environment, purify them and then move them out again. So we're constantly refreshing the environment, constantly putting energy out that is being made more coherent, more in alignment with the higher dimensional realms. So coherence makes a tremendous difference in our physical bodies because there are so many things that are scattering our energies and this is a tool that helps with focus, helps with grounding and with bringing in coherence and especially the higher dimensional vibrational realms.

Very much so. And this symbol here, the six-pointed star, some people call it a Jewish Star. It's more like the Seal of Solomon, as it is said let it be written, as it's written let it be done. The triangle seals things, it's a way of making your intent stronger and make it pop so to speak. This particular shape is amazing, again rotating.  You can put various vials and stones inside and have them purified in a very special way so the energy that they resonate with when you take them out is just wonderful. I've used this shape many times over the years since 2012 and they're just truly good purification tools.

Again some of the tools that we’re working with, the I.Connect, the Heart Companion, can be put into the center. That causes the energy to radiate out when this is on a turntable and it's slowly spinning and you have an I.Connect or a crystal in the center. It magnifies the energy and sends it out through the room and what you’re getting is that higher dimensional frequency creating coherence in your environment.

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