Access the Higher Vibrational Light of 2022

Access the Higher Vibrational Light of 2022

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See the work that we've been doing over all of these years with creating different magnificent sacred geometries that are all based on three dimensional technology, there's a real difference between flat plain and three dimensions because at the three dimensional level, which is where we're operating from, you have the energetic connections. And the reason I'm telling you about that is because we are working with those energetic connections right now and here with this meditation.

And behind me, you can see a few of these structures that we have that are spinning when they spin, it really is able to send that vibration clearly, and we live at a time where we're very obstructed by all the different things that go on in our lives, in our environment, the everything from 5G, EMF, you know, all the blasting of so much stuff and so much emotion that's out there.

And it's important for us to be able to connect to the higher aspect of who we are to the higher dimensions of what is available to us so that we are truly souls who are operating on this planet in this particular time frame and personality and name and place. And so geometry, sacred geometry is really interesting because it instructs us about how everything is connected, the way all matter is designed and constructed in its natural way, it all lines up.

There's certain patterns and rhythms, there's certain number, and that is what is important for us to come back into. This is a particularly special time that we're in now, we've all gone through a lot these last few years. I know that every one of you has experienced that need to let go, breaking down of so many of the expectations and the ways that we worked with our lives, what we thought our lives were really going to be about on a day to day level and the world came to a screeching halt in that way, which is really profound.

And I don't know about you, but you know, for quite a while, I knew that there was a major transformation coming, but I didn't know it was going to look like this. So here we are, and the universe keeps holding us back saying, "No, you're not quite ready to come back into the way things were yet." And I think it's because it's important for us to step up into a higher vibration, a higher access, a different sense of our purpose and who we are. Now, not only that, we are here for the good of all.

And that means that we get to learn about how we come together in unity in a different way, now, from a, a perspective from, you know, from a higher level, we know that everything is one. And yet we have all these different onesies, all these different ways of being all these different people, who each and every one have a different perspective. How do we come together with that, that, combination? It could look like divisiveness.

You know, If you listen to the news and you go and you, you know you're playing on certain channels, it may look as if everything is just fighting and just jockeying for who's in control. And this is a time that is not about control. We've moved into a whole nother paradigm, the light has shifted.

The feminine energy is emerging in a very, very powerful, very important way. And the feminine energy speaks to us not from that place of control, but from that place of beingness, that place of creation, divine creation, we are divine co-creators. And so this is our time to operate from the place of our intuition, from the place of our deep creativity, to listen to the words that we hear on the inner plains, to watch all of the different things that come into our lives, the serendipitous experiences are teaching us.

We're not depending on an instruction booklet anymore, whatever it is that we've had from the past has gotten us here, but it's not what leads us now into this higher vibrational energy. So what I would like to play with you with today during this meditation is to come forth with that deep soul connection centering in your heart, centering from that place of inner knowing and allowing ourselves to be bathed with that creative expression of pure love of pure divine light, and get it into the cells of our body.

So that as we are moving back out into life in a more productive way than maybe we have in the last couple of years, we are coming together in a new way, a new vibrational way, and so we will look to nature, we'll look to the beautiful geometries that are displayed in nature, we'll look for those rhythms, we'll look for the relationships between the Earth and the Moon and the Sun and the planets they are expressing to us. What those patterns really are, how to come back, and be who we really are at the deepest level.

So let's get started, OK? Are you ready? All right. So if everyone would just get into a comfortable place and let's just take a deep, beautiful, profoundly wonderful and joyful breath together, you ready? Let's do it. As you're breathing out, imagine that you're going deep into your cellular nature, your cellular plan, and you're activating the new understanding, the new receptors to bring in the higher vibration. Let's take another deep breath.

As you release that breath, allow whatever you've been holding on to whatever you think you still need, just let it lighten up let it vibrate faster and let it dissolve, let it go into its divine place and take another deep cleansing breath. And feel that breath going into every part of your body, let it awaken what's been sleeping. And let your breath also bring more balance into your life. You know what balance really is? It's not evenness, it's not balance. Balance is being able to move from one extreme to the other, from one color to the other, from one emotion to the other.

And to do it with acceptance. To do it in a way of recognizing that we have a beautiful scale to operate on, and now something spectacular that's happening is that the light is increasing. It's becoming more dynamic, it's inviting us to step up to allow ourselves to breathe even more deeply, and so let's take another deep breath. And just feel your body tingle, you know, if there's anything that feels a little stuck, just move your body around a little bit. Just get some of that energy that needs to just come a little bit more joyful and lighter.

That it just happen, great. You're doing beautifully. And imagine that you are looking into the pure radiance of divine light. Imagine through your pineal gland, you are taking in these exquisite high frequency colors. And you can hear this beautiful sound that is leading you to that place of accepting, accepting your divine and perfect nature, it is all perfect. You are magnificent, we see your magnificence. Take another deep breath. And feel the gratitude. Feel the gratitude of just being invited to be here now.

You, your soul invited you to be here, and you took that opportunity. You recognized something very, very purposeful for being here now. So in this moment, sit with a moment of quiet and just listen on the inner plains to get a more distinct understanding of your divine purpose. And let's just sit in silence, for a few moments. Just receive that clarity.

Now, let's take that deeper understanding, and let's expand it. Let's expand that out, to each and every sentient life on this planet. To each person, to each animal, to each plant. Let's invite, every sentient being to come into this place of higher frequency where we are working together. We are recognizing that the unity is not, sameness. It's diversity. It's precious specialness. It's a coming together of all of these wonderful perspectives, all different. All divine.

Now, imagine that you. As an artist, are able to take every one of these diversities of all these great aspects of life, rocks, gems, plants, animals, trees, all the people and you are painting a picture now in your mind's eye with this beautiful light you're using this magnificent high frequency paintbrush and you're seeing and you're placing all this life together, and it's glowing. It's happy. It's healthy. There is understanding. There's coming together. And stepping forward into a higher state of purposefulness. What do you see? Notice what you see for yourself and where you are in this divine plan.

You were there. Notice this oneness, isn't it beautiful that all of these precious lives are dancing together? They can all cooperate. They can all co-create. To see it. See yourself in it. Now, let's tune into the the feelings and the freedom of what's going on here. The feelings are clear. They're like Crystal Energy. The emotions. Are beautiful, we are bathed in love, we are bathed, in compassion. We are bathed in caring for one another.

Notice how your perspective is becoming more clear. You know you, you know why you're here and you are joyful to be here in this very moment. Now, as you're looking at this beautiful collective. Just imagine that you can step back just a little bit and you can notice if there's certain aspects that want to see that light frequency turned up. Imagine you can just turn it like a channel. So if you're seeing anything in your picture that appears as if.

It's just right turn that frequency of light to turn that love, and that collective, compassion and togetherness turn it just a tad so that you can see. Ah, you can see. More coming together, more distinctions. Quality is getting better and crisper, it's beautiful, it's beautiful. Now, take this beautiful picture, this essence of what, we've all been creating. Bring it into your crown chakra. Just let the crown chakra take this beautiful vibration. It's beautiful knowing of collective love and co-creation. Feel it at the crown.

And also feel the sparks of light just lashing out all over the universe, it's amazing. Now, let's bring that energy and that knowingness in that picture of collective beauty. Bring it now to the third eye, see it. Oh, it's beautiful, crystallize this even more if you have any more beautiful perspectives, add it in. And allow your higher knowing to embrace this. With such grace, acceptance and gratitude. And now let's move that energy and that beautiful collective knowing let's bring it into the throat chakra.

The divine expression, the voice of inner knowing and love the voice of beauty. Bring it here to the throat chakra and feel your throat, your ability to speak fuel for healing and the cleansing. Feel that place where you know you belong and you're so happy that you're all together again, such a blessing.

And now let's bring that energy into the heart chakra. Oh, let's just say that with so much love, so much beauty, so much grace. Oh, just feel with the love is doing, your love is reaching out to everything. It is limitless. It is pure magnificence. Our collective love is abounding in exquisite ways. And now let's bring that. To the solar plexus. It's the place now of empowering. Putting that real sense of presence.

And, and commitment. Being here now, with all you are with all, each one of us us in understanding we have a higher sense of understanding in purposeful ways. This construct is getting more and more divine. It is amazing. It is powerful and it is about allowing. And now let's bring that, into the second Chakra. The sexual shockra, the place of creation, recreation, co-creation. For the next generations, a line in this place, let's send healing and love to all generations of all sentient life.

Generations of the past generations of the present and generations of the future. And let's see that that collective vibration is touching into the very DNA strands of all life. They are vibrating like an amazing orchestra. Beautiful. You. And now that's grounded that spring, that divine co-creation, past, present future, all that is bringing together time and space. Into present being time. And in that presence, we grounded in the root chakra. And we feel the substance of it. We feel that the structure is clear and strong.

And we are rooting this into the ground now. Let's take this and let's move this energy into Mother Earth. This energy deep into. All of Mother Earth into the core. And knowing that our magnificent Earth is connected to the Sun, connected to the Moon, connected to the planets, to the galaxies, to all that is. And to see the brilliant light that's shining. It's good, good work.

Take a deep, deep breath now. Know that your connections. All that is. To each other. He's holding a new reference of light. A new frequency. That brings together understanding. And compassion and patience and virtue, it brings together the highest values all life. To sustain itself and evil. Breathe with that, you are one with that. And let's come back together now. Where are we?

We'll use of beautiful, beautiful technique from a Hawaiian culture called ho'oponopono. And let's bring that in right now to beautiful just, just some quick statements, and they are, "I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. And thank you." For all that we've experienced. Lets hold that true. I love you. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. And let that. Bring you back. Into the present moment. Let that be your entrance, your doorway back into the present moment.

So we can take this vibration, this higher vibration, and we'll see it, we'll recognize it, we'll know it. We'll see it in the skies, we'll see it in the rainbows. We'll see it in your eyes. We'll see it in your lover's eyes and your children's eyes and then your own eyes. In the eyes of animals, you'll see this beautiful higher vibrational light. And when you see it. Remember, you are co-creator with one. And it is beautiful. So I invite you to come back. Move your body a little bit. Take a few breaths. And let's come back in, to this, time together.

Thank you. 

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