5D Star Tetrahedron

Sacred Geometry jewelry is a beautiful way to enhance your connections to mind, body and spirit.  

Each shape invites you into the energy flow of the natural patterns and rhythms of creation.


5D Star Tetrahedron Pendant and Earrings

• Feel uplifted and connected with Divine love. Naturally elevate your state to a feeling of well-being and joy.

• Enjoy an expanded sense of awareness and angelic guidance. Enhance intuition, ability to visualize and manifest new outcomes.

• Wearing the 5D Star Tet earrings creates a powerful alignment with your higher knowing. They can help you release blocked energies which may have created confusion, compression and headaches. People who have a tendency to get headaches are reporting great relief.

• An array of tetrahedrons: one of the basic building blocks of the universe, gives greater access to interact more easily in all dimensions of your life, physically and spiritually.

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