Sacred Geometry and the I.Connect

“the latest evidence from quantum physics offers the extraordinary possibility that all of life exists in a dynamic relationship of cooperation. The world essentially operates, not through the activity of individual things, but in the connection between them-in a sense, in the space between things. Nature’s most basic impulse is not a struggle for dominion but a constant and irrepressible drive for wholeness.”

Lynne Taggart, author and scientist, The Bond


An Amazing Tool with a huge purpose- CONNECTION

“This is a device that helps people align to sacred space and sacred geometrical configuration of matter to become more aware and more alert to the sacredness of themselves.” Dannon Brinkley, author

The I.Connect is a product with over 25 years of research and development, utilizing the wisdom of sacred geometry encoded on circuit boards with strategically placed forms around the planet. Inside are electronic components, copper and fiber optic antenna systems, vapor depositions of molecular geometries and alchemical mixtures of unique crystals, minerals and rare earth transition metals.  A toroidal flow is created by the stainless steel shell and the unit is activated by light and sound frequencies through connection to 20 foot copper structures.

Portable Sacred Geometry

Floating Right
There are so many benefits to using the I.Connect! Here are some more results that our customers have told us they have achieved with this small but mighty device:

-Strengthening of your energy and heart center

-Experiencing a purposeful sense of connection with your family, community and world

-Improved sleep

-Focused intent and extreme clarity

-Faster manifestation and higher intuition

And so much more!

To purcahse your I.Connect, go to Metaforms


Sacred Geometry

The term “sacred geometry” is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about geometry during the course of human history.

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