“I went to the dentist today…(NOT my favorite place, due to some traumatic experiences I had at the dentist as a child.)

“While I was in the chair, waiting for them to take X-rays and clean my teeth, I was experiencing a lot of anxiety.  I invoked the “I AM presence” to come into this situation, and I did feel a little less anxious.  However the pending feeling of what I knew was going to occur, made me feel sick.  At that moment, I clenched the Rainbow Heart Companion and I asked all the energy that it contained to move deeper into me and relax every muscle, nerve, thought and put me into a beautiful peaceful state.  I have to say that this is exactly what happened.  In fact the doctor wondered why I had my hand over my heart under the bib.

“I will have to go back on Thursday to get a wisdom tooth pulled, and I will hold my pendant, as I did today and all will be well.  I even complimented the technician for taking such good care of me and was very grateful for her sensitivity to my condition.

“I wanted to share how this pendant has miraculously helped me deal with the unbearable anxiety I was experiencing last night and today sitting in that dentist chair…. until I held the pendant in my hand over my heart! I knew all would be well.” ~ Kathleen

“I have wanted to tell you of a wonderful effect that I think is due to my use of the I.Connect.  I am a retired Prof. from USC—retired for the last three years.  I miss my students so much, and i taught for 40 years, thirty of which were at USC.  After using the I -connect, I received at least three letters from students of thirty years ago ,when I taught at Douglass College of Rutgers Univ.  One has become a Professor herself, and her letter was filled with praise for my teaching, telling me how it inspired her to pursue the profession, and how fulfilled she is, and how she remembers me. Then she told a friend she had “connected” with me, and the friend also wrote back.  Others from other parts of my career sent letters as well. It was so astounding that just now, after i started using the I-connect, these former students began to “connect” with me.  I KNEW IT WAS DUE TO THE I.CONNECT. I knew that I was “connecting” with the larger universe, and those who received the frequency responded.” ~ Gloria, LA

“From the moment I put the Heart Companion on I could feel the energy coursing through my body. It was like I was coming “online” again. Like something was being switched on.  I felt somewhat in an altered state and walked over to my room and once inside I collapsed on to my bed and began crying as I was overcome with gratitude.  I found myself saying, thank you, thank you, thank you.  I was so deeply grateful for this reconnection that I felt I had been waiting lifetimes for.  I felt the urge to go outside in nature so I took a short walk around the grounds and came upon what I would normally have called an “ordinary” looking plant.  I was immediately drawn to its extraordinary beauty and exquisite design and could not take my eyes off of it.  It was like the world was completely different and new again. Such beauty and perfection in the things we normally take for granted and never pay attention to.  Waves of energy kept pulsing through my body. It was a feeling of bliss and peace like I had never felt before. A connection to all things. Love and a spacious neutrality. I can truly see how the Heart Companion can literally change the world – one person at a time and I am eternally grateful.”  ~Donna

“I have received the iConnect and the Heart Companion pendant today and would like to thank you for wonderful products. Their power is overwhelming and surprisingly, immediately perceptible (normally I need at least a few minutes to start resonating with energy products such as crystals or healing stones). Both pieces literally boil and pulsate in my hand, almost like a small vibrator. Obviously these little gems have some work to accomplish and seem to be happy to start plowing.”  ~ Natalia

“With the Heart Companion, you can take a break, rather than going into anger or resentment. You have the time to take the breath, which you didn’t before. It inspires you to say, ‘Hey, I am the observer’. It holds space for you to transform and change your patterns as you become aware.” ~ Marion Ross, Ph.D

“I purchased many items from you and am so delighted. I have been following you and your wife on the various radio calls and today. You are doing so much for us now. The kindness of your message and the raising of global consciousness is astounding. I was so impressed by your comments about partnering and getting the messages out there.”
~ Regina

“The I.Connect and Heart Companion have a very powerful effect of settling you down, grounding and connecting you internally. What really amazed me was the way these tools are structured to hold and transmit high vibrational energy, so I discovered that I can download my energy waves into these tools and these energies are constantly rebroadcast and projected to you. The effectiveness of these tools are way beyond anything my students and I have worked with before.”  ~ Bill Farber

“The I.Connect, has given me such an increased sense of well-being and positivity!  I can feel the expansiveness it carries, and truly, the connection to other dimensions and helping Guides. Abundance is flowing my way lately, and the I.Connect is really boosting it even more. One of the first things I noticed was how deeply this little tool brought me in my daily meditation.  Wow!  I felt as if I was immersed in the field of potentiality and I was connecting to life very deeply.  I have also noticed that it has clarified my dream time, and my husband awoke a few days ago asking me about dream meanings since his dreams have been quite powerful lately too! I am feeling that this tool is also relieving my physical body of some joint pain I have had recently.  One day I forgot to put it in my pocket and 
wow–what a difference from the previous few days when I had carried it!”  ~N

“I’ve been working with my life mission in an ongoing creative energy that is constant every time I use my Metaforms. It’s been 6 months working with these spiritual tools and every day I am learning and experiencing a new energy of being. I am integrating several systems that create an energetic field that connects my Soul to our planet and for that I am truly grateful.” ~ Gregory

“I purchased an iConnect, as well, as a Heart Connection.  I am blown away by the power of both of them!  I am so very grateful that these tools came into my life!”
~ Renee

“I am enjoying my heart companion pendant. I feel calmer, smoother than before 
and I have noticed something interesting about my dreams:  they are more lucid, and I seem to be problem-solving during sleep.”  ~ Jan

“I want to let you know that the heart companion has been helping me with pain relief, which has been an unexpected benefit. I tuck the pendant in the waistband of my pj’s, in the front for cramp relief and in the back for lower back pain relief, when I go to bed.  I wake up pain free.”
 ~ Cherie

“I received your wonderful healing-package, THANK YOU!!!!!  I already tested it on about six people, and they were blown away by it!!! One of my dear friends, Stella, is super sensitive, and she told me that when I turned the chakra I.C.s over, so the pretty face was against her body, such POWERFUL energies were going through her body (that made her “sink” deep into herself), working on her, that she had to ask me to actually stop using my tuning forks, and stop (–turn off and take away) the Merkabah of Light from above her, because they were distracting her. She said that the ICs were so strong, working on such a high level, that nothing else was needed. We then concluded (since I felt what she was feeling) that when the ICs were “right-side-up”, they amplified the effects of the tuning forks; and when I turned them “upside-down”, the ICs  “sealed” all the wonderful “updates”, and then started to work themselves. ((and at this point, they didn’t want to be disturbed — it was mind-blowing!)”  ~ Timi

“The iConnect has very interesting pulsations. It aligns the lightbody and brings alignment, but to each unique journey. That is, it seems to resonate to your own unique lightbody formations and greatly shifts you, so it works in unison with your divine coding at the ascension point you are at, at that specific time when you initially connect with it. Very interesting. Then of course it pushes you further”.  ~ Tammy

“Since time is not linear, and past, present, and future are all happening NOW, on one level I already have the I.Connect which I’m waiting to receive.  So I began working with the activations last night and this morning, imagining I had my I.Connect as I listened.   Then afterwards, I went to the store to buy a few items, and I noticed that more people smiled at me, and talked to me, than usual.  Was it because I was smiling more, after the activations, or because they were picking up the vibe emanating from me, or some combination of the two? 
I don’t know, but it was quite noticeable, and I enjoyed it.” ~ Jaya

“Metaforms has developed many subtle energetic technologies useful for healing and achieving higher states of consciousness… If we are beings of energy, then it follows that we can be affected by energy.” ~Richard Gerber, M.D., author, Vibrational Medicines

They are amazing beyond words.  But I’ll find some words and send them along when I’m at that point.  When the package arrived, I’d been having trouble with my heart for several days.  It’s heart valve troubles.  My chest had been hurting and aching for a few days.  I took the wand out of the package, not really knowing what it was for, and laid it on my chest.  The pain disappeared!  Right away, pain gone.  A sense of blissful peace spread through my chest, and the pain hasn’t come back again.”  ~Bonnie W

“Thank you so much for sending the causal vortex!  I have had it for several weeks now, and it is amazing.  I am truly pleased with both it and the customer service, consideration, and generosity in resolving my issue with the original peace star order.  I have referred many of my friends from a recent healer training class and they were all excited to try Metaforms products.  I particularly recommended the causal vortex — it is truly and powerfully operating on the causal (soul) levels, no joke!  I feel connected to my higher guidance in a constant and gentle way, amplifying my abilities to access important information and move forward through my “stuff”. :) Thank you again.”  ~J. B.  Massachusetts

“Meditating under the Tricon has lead me into the re-awakening of a wonderful inner connecting to life, wisdom, and transformation of inner growth and purpose.”  ~N.C., owner, Weightloss Center

“My favorite. The Star Dodecahedron starts with a heartful experience, softly and lovingly moving through me. Then it expands to the broadest range of frequencies I’ve felt, enveloping me in energy.” ~Virgil Jackson, former CEO

“The Stellated Earth Grid shifted me into a space of creativity, balance, and knowingness.”  ~Nayda Correa, businesswoman

“As new paradigms of medical thought are developed, geometric forms will take on greater significance in the healing process. Metaforms has provided an opportunity to start incorporating such geometric forms.”  ~Bart Flick, M.D.

“The Creative Energizer has a powerful presence and has become a very important element for attunement in my electronic recording studio.”  ~ Constance Demby, musician/composer

“Metaforms are an excellent way to change or condition any space. I often recommend them to clients and have found a wealth of applications for this technology.”  ~ Michael Riversong — author, Design Ecology, environmental consultant

“Meditating under the Earth Grid, I feel all my chakras opening and blending into a space of
oneness. I’ve had some immediate cleansings. It feels like light happening. I love it! ”  ~ Linda Dutton, CA

“The Metaforms are valued additions to my home. I meditate always under the 3-D Star. It has been, again, a great boost to activity in the crown chakra. And so the stillness within has deepened for me. I also have become increasingly aware of the entities that are around me all the time—what a blessing!  The Star Tetrahedron has struck me from the beginning as an especially sacred form, perhaps from some distant memory? And so the energy in my bedroom where it stands on my dresser, has been opened to a finer vibration. I love sleeping near it and when it’s turning on the base, I feel as if I’m in some ancient Temple, being taught as I sleep. It’s so good! The Tricon Sphere is in my living room. I have myself not been so aware of a shift there, though I love having it. Others, however, since it was placed, have spoken of the energy off peace and compassion in my home much more often than occurred before. Gregory, thank you again and again for these helps to inner expansion! I’m so grateful for them!”  ~ Marilyn Gustin, Ph.D.

“The e. Pendant is one of the most extraordinary energy tools I have ever used. It was apparent at first contact that this small device was very special and very powerful. The e. Pendant immediately goes to work on one’s deepest core issues, issues one may not even be aware of, and begins the process of healing and transmuting these issues. At first, this process may be a bit overwhelming, but with time, the effects of the e. Pendant are pervasive. The e. Pendant has brought more equanimity and awareness into my life and has made a valuable contribution to my quality of life.”  ~ Brian Blackstock

“I want to thank for your wonderful help. I’ve been suffering with severe sciatic pain. I was so scared to sit down under the Soul Stargate because the pain was so bad. But after sitting down and relaxing, I felt the pain go down my lef and out my foot Then I felt a high energy in my heart and felt fantastic. After 5 minutes, I had no pain. I can move and touch my toes! Thank You!”  ~ Diane Johnson, Accountant, Lyons, CO

Sacred Geometry

The term “sacred geometry” is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about geometry during the course of human history.

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