Solution for Electromagnetic Disturbance

Solution for Electromagnetic Disturbance

I'd like to talk about another form that I recommend to all of my students.

It's called the EMF Soulution. The thing about EMF is nothing blocks it. If somebody says they have a tool that blocks EMF put it up against your cell phone. If your cell phone works that tool doesn't block it because cell phones work on EMF.

There's no real way that I know to block it. I don't know why you would want to. The problem is not the EMF. The problem is the chaotic nature of what we've done with EMF. All the radio stations, TV stations, and the children getting cancer who live next to those high voltage lines indicate the disruptive tendancy of these frequencies.

So this EMF Soulution takes the chaotic nature of what we as humans have done with EMF and puts it into a coherent wave form with a tremendous radius of effect. So if you're in a large city with girders and beams and a lot of buildings, etc,. it goes out farther than a lot of other forms. It won't have the same effect as if you're in an area where the energy can just flow outwards without being redirected by various structures. We found the radius affect to be about 25 miles with this form.

It's just an amazing form. I have one in my office. It's sitting there with all that electronic equipment keeping everything in coherence. It helps maintain the sacred space created by you, created by going inside and using some of those techniques that I teach and I use myself. The effect of the form creates peace in the neighborhood. Unbelievably so and I can't recommend it enough. It's usually the first form I have a student buy.

I love the EMF Soulution. It does create a flow of energy from very high realms.

Again, it creates coherence in the environment and coherence in your body.

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