Journey to

Rediscover Your Life

Access New Multi-Dimensional Openings
Initiating 4 New Energetic Centers*



with Christine Day

Gail & Gregory Hoag


3 Part Teleseminar Series
in 9 Powerful Segments


There are dynamic energetic openings taking place on the Earth plane in the last few days of April. This happening will bring forth a change of monumental proportions for many of us. For the first time on our planet a series of veils will lift creating a multi-dimensional doorway for each one of us to access expanded higher states of our consciousness. Through these dimensional openings you will re-experience Truth as you reconnect to higher state of consciousness.

Designed by the Pleiadians to bring you a series of light initiations to build your energetic and physical systems in your body, this will allow you to fully access and utilize the new multi-dimensional states of Pure Source energy of your higher self.

These programs have been created by the Pleiadians to support you now. You have been waiting for this transitional step. Anchor to your channel and begin to consciously create your reality within these multi-dimensional states in your day to day lives.


For over 20 years, Christine Day has been transmitting the energies of the Pleiadians, Lemurians and other galactic communities to support our evolution on planet Earth. In partnership with Gail and Gregory Hoag, masters of Sacred Geometry for over 30 years, they bring a pivotal opportunity for you to move into the higher frequencies of Pure Source Connection and advance your life in love.


Phase I:  Physical – April 20, 23, 27
Phase II: Emotional – May 11, 14, 18
Phase III: Relationship – June 15, 18, 22
8 – 9:30 PM CT

All programs are recorded and available for replay.

If you have purchased Phases 1 & 2, you can still purchase Phase 3 separately.

 $69 Phase 3

*A series of new energetic centers will be activated impacting the entire energetic and electrical system in the body, a series of sacred sounds will be used as tools to create higher realm connections to be forged within. These higher realm connections expand your potential to navigate your way through these changing times, assisting you to connect to clarity for your next steps forward.

These new energetic centers also work on dimensional aspects of your DNA strands, repositioning them to create a series of activations that carry pure frequency alignments through your pineal gland that bring to you a more expanded state of consciousness and a natural realignment to Truth.

This repositioning of the DNA strands creates a ripple effect through your systems and at a cellar level activates an energetic transmitter within each cell of your body. This transmitter has been lying dormant, waiting for this time, for this activation. As the transmitters begin to activate, there is a relay signal of your unique divine frequency sent outwards into the Universe, announcing your transitional awakening. You are recognized through this unique frequency transmission and then you are received and aligned to your place within the Universal Collective Consciousness.

As a result of this alignment you transform, because you are now aligned to a new potential within your self. Through this alignment you are able to navigate through the 3rd dimensional illusion and drama. You become present in your world carrying the higher frequency within you.