Tools For Health Practitioners

Using Sacred Geometric Tools in your health practice will enhance the value and experience for your clients. They will support the depth and thoroughness of your therapy work. Clients relax more deeply and align with their sacred nature, allowing old patterns to more easily fall away. The work can be integrated for longer lasting benefits. Energy workers are able to embue their specific frequencies into these tools.

The I.Connect Chakra Collection

7 chakra set gems 4   

The set contains 7 I.Connects, each set with a precious gemstone in the center that relates to the energy of one of the seven chakras. Crown ~ amethyst;  Third eye ~ iolite;  Throat ~ blue sapphire;  Heart ~ emerald;  Solar plexus ~ citrine;  Sacral ~ orange sapphire;  Base ~ garnet.  The full set rests on a cherrywood base.

Set: $1,098.

weconnect2The We.Connect

The We.Connect broadcasts the energy of the I.Connect throughout a room for quite a distance for health, well-being and connection to Source. As it rotates on its base with colored lights, the frequencies will establish an enhanced higher connection that will support the practitioner and client alike. Establishing sacred space is very important in energy work and the We.Connect does this with grace and ease.

It creates an ambiance of ease, relaxation, clarity, expansion and creativity. It oscillates within the bands of a deeply relaxed sense of ‘rightness’ to a sense of energized focus. Better communication, connection and flow is apparent, so that people can receive and align with the benefits of whatever health modality is being introduced in more harmonious ways.

Price: $398

The Healing Sphere

The Healing Sphere can affect the environment by spinning and sending out its frequencies.

• Using intent, empowers innate ability to heal physically, emotionally and mentally, releasing old patterns and karmic ties.
• With spinner, a purifying flow of energy adds peace & balance to your space.

7″ Gold-$379.00 / Bronze-$298

The Woven Spiral Star

woven sprl str ring 2000

The Woven Spiral Star is a tool that can be used to clear the energy field of your client.

• Balances energies, releases cellular blockages to enhance chakra energy.
• Words and sounds resonate through the Spiral Star for deep reception of message and more profound energy healing.

9″ Gold- $239

The Causal Ring

causal ring 6 pts

The Causal Ring can be added on to many of the Metaforms to strengthen their use and accelerate the energies for healing

• Creates a strong, toroidal flow of energy from higher dimensions with triple braided, gold plated, copper ring, natural cone magnets and silver triangle.

6″ Gold-$158

Metatron’s Cube

Metatron's Cube 3

Metatron’s Cube is a powerful tool for implementing the energies of Lord Metatron into your work. Placed under the table where the patient lays, it supports the grounding and integration of the work that is received.

• Experience unity, manifestation and empowered purpose.
• Strong grounding tool for sleep, relaxation, deep release of blocks for forgiveness and gratefulness.

5″ Gold-$339 / Bronze-$259

The Aquarian Pyramid

aquarian pyr

• Helps align meridians and chakras to higher frequencies and grounds these energies into the body.
• Raises the energy of crystals and substances placed within.

9″ Gold-$364 / Bronze-$238

Star Dodecahedron

Star Dodecahedron 2

Hang the he Star Dodecahedron in the center of the room to bring all the Metaforms together and connect with higher dimensional energies. It encourages greater openness and connection to wisdom for both client and practitioner.

• The true Merkaba for spiritual awakening, greater love and compassion. Stimulates the heart for deep appreciation of life.
• 12 stellated points for balance of masculine and feminine energy.

9″ Gold-$514.00 / Bronze-$358

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Sacred Geometry

The term “sacred geometry” is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about geometry during the course of human history.

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