Magic versus how our tools really work

When asked about why our tools didn’t help with more successful day-trading, Gregory Hoag gave the following answer: Our tools are not magic. It takes time for some changes to occur, but regardless of time they may not reflect the expectations of the personality. Our technology is focused on connecting

3-D Sacred Geometry Tools

They are precisely composed, 3-dimensional sculptures that radiate an energetic field which can positively influence your environment and help create a sacred space. From the earliest origins of culture, it was known that the entire structure of the Universe is based on the eternal laws of creation, which are mathematical

Gregory Hoag- Sacred Geometry Expert

One of today’s foremost Mayan elders, Hunbatz Men, has referred to Gregory Hoag as “the most knowledgeable teacher of Sacred Geometry that I have encountered.” As a scientist and artist, Gregory has researched Sacred Geometry and consciousness for thirty-eight years. Following a major energetic awakening (Kundalini) in 1982, he started

Sacred Geometry for our times

Sacred Geometry is based on ancient knowledge, displaying the organizational structure of all of nature as well as the rhythms of life. As we strive to achieve greater understanding of ourselves and accomplish our calling, sacred geometry offers tools that can further open the door to bringing our consciousness into

Sacred Geometry is Everywhere

Look closely at the patterns. Geometry is everywhere. It is the way the Universe speaks. It is the way energy expresses itself. From the microscopic to the galactic, everything follows the patterns of energy. As above so below… This is an ancient saying, however, what does it mean? If we

I-Connect – Testimonials Abound!!

We are grateful and overwhelmed with the amount of conversations that our new sacred geometry energy product, the I.Connect, has produced. This energetic connection device is helping people feel better and live healthier, more connected lives. We have received emails, phone calls, skype calls from around the globe! The I.Connect

The Phi Ratio or Golden Mean

The Phi Ratio is a significant number that has been revered for thousands of years because it describes the relationship of how life is created, therefore what we consider beautiful. It was used in the design of Egyptian pyramids, Greek temples and Gothic cathedrals. Mathematically, this calculation can never be

Truth vs. Lies

At a recent show the owner of a company making EMF protection pendants became jealous of Metaform’s success. She told people that unknown to us at Metaforms that negative entities were inhabiting our pendants and doing harm to people. Furthermore they were not to tell us this directly or more

Sacred Geometry Tools from Gregory Hoag

Sacred Geometry Tools “The beautiful is a manifestation of the secret laws of Nature.” — Goethe By reflecting Nature’s laws in our Metaforms, we have created sculptures which improve physical, mental, and emotional health. Scientific research has shown the importance of using these tools for everything from energizing homes and

Sacred Geometry Tools

Look closely at the patterns. Geometry is everywhere. It is the way the Universe speaks. It is the way energy expresses itself. From the microscopic to the galactic, everything follows the patterns of energy.These inevitably follow geometrical archetypes, which reveal to us the nature of each form and its vibrational

Introducing the I.Connect- An Amazing Tool for Connection

Advanced technology that expands awareness, increases your energy and actives your purpose. “I love the I.Connect to connect. It works for all of us.” Barbara Marx Hubbard(h3) Do you want to experience your divine nature? This tool can help you do that while connecting you to all of creation. In

Sacred Geometry and the I.Connect

Lynne Taggart, author and scientist, The Bond   An Amazing Tool with a huge purpose- CONNECTION “This is a device that helps people align to sacred space and sacred geometrical configuration of matter to become more aware and more alert to the sacredness of themselves.” Dannon Brinkley, author Portable Sacred

Sacred Geometry

The term “sacred geometry” is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about geometry during the course of human history.

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