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Within the beauty of nature you feel whole and well.
Sacred Geometry tools take you to that place.

iconnect-n-heart-smallLife is an expression of oneness and functions best in alignment with divine nature. When you are touched by the innate patterns in nature, you are in the flow of pure energy making its transition into form.  In these special places, you feel peaceful, centered and connected with Source. Using the technology of sacred geometry, you are in true relationship with creation. You experience the fullness of life ~ closer to your spiritual and physical potential.

No wonder people report how good they feel, sleep, focus and relate to others when they use our tools. The codes within you resonate with these tools so you remember who you truly are. Energy flows and life improves. In a perfect world, you would experience life on all its dimensions, filled with the joy and reverence of creation.

2014 is Metaforms’ 29th year in business. We’ve been so successful because our products work. They have worked to positively change thousands of lives. We offer a 100% guarantee that you’ll enjoy these benefits.

We create beautiful life transformational tools in the form of jewelry, Sacred Geometric energy sculptures and unique tools for improving health, raising consciousness, reducing stress, manifesting intent, increasing intuition and clearing emotional and electromagnetic interference.

Love and connection is what the I.Connect is about. It establishes a field of life positive connections to enhance your vitality, health and conscious awareness. It supports transformation of your life to give your gifts to the world.


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Benefits of using the Sacred Geometry tool, I.Connect2

• Increased vitality, creativity and joy.

• A sense of knowing that all is well.

• Intuition so keen, you know what to do and do it without procrastination.

• Enhanced communication and better understanding in your relationships.

• Feeling a purposeful sense of connection with your family, community and world.

• Greater sense of peace for you and those around you. Feeling spiritually centered.

View this page to learn more about the I.Connect and how this sacred geometry tool can help you.

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Sacred Geometry

The term “sacred geometry” is used by archaeologists, anthropologists, and geometricians to encompass the religious, philosophical, and spiritual beliefs about geometry during the course of human history. What to learn more?

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